Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Brags About Her Idiotic Pro-Abortion Extremism

It should come as no surprise for us to hear stupid things out of the Biden White House. This regime couldn’t get us out of Afghanistan without stranding hundreds of Americans.

Meanwhile, they’ve opened the floodgates of illegal immigration and are strangling our economy with COVID regulations.

The latest example comes from White House press secretary Jen Psaki; Psaki scolded a male journalist for asking why Biden is pro-abortion if he’s also Catholic. Psaki gave exactly the reply every conservative man has heard 100 times from pro-abortion liberal women.

Psaki Snaps at Male Reporter

Psaki told the male reporter that deciding to get an abortion is “incredibly difficult. ” She also said that he wouldn’t know about it since she “knows” he’s never been pregnant.

Three things here: One, the question was why Biden backs abortion, despite being Catholic. The correct answer is because he directly disobeys Catholic beliefs and should be excommunicated immediately.

Psaki didn’t answer this question; she just did what liberals always do and tried to guilt and shame the man asking about abortion in any way other than supporting it.

Two: The left believes that gender is not real and that saying only women can have children is prejudiced. Is Psaki now backing down on that belief? If so, that’s at least some progress.

Three: You know who abortion is even more difficult for than the woman making the decision? The unborn baby getting murdered. Let’s try to have a little perspective here, folks.

However, of course, Psaki made it into a men vs. women thing and dodged the whole question because that’s what liberals do.

Liberal Lies on Abortion

Liberal lies on abortion are almost endless. For one thing, they act like there’s no solution to unwanted pregnancy. The solution would be not to have sex with people if you don’t want any chance of pregnancy.

Secondly, they act like right and wrong only depends on the situation. This moral relativism is evil. If you have a good reason to kill someone who angers you, does that mean sometimes it’s OK because it’s a “difficult decision?”

It’s nothing but ducking responsibility and pretending that right and wrong aren’t real. If you want proof look no further than how pro-life women are treated.

They’re treated like trash and told they’re just slaves to men. In reality, they’re doing the most pro-woman thing you can do: standing up for moms and speaking out against murder.

Circle Back to the Exit Door

It’s time for Jen “Circle Back” Psaki to circle back to the exit door and never come back. This nation needs the whole Biden regime to do the same thing.

We’ve heard enough of their middle-school-level liberal nonsense for a lifetime. We have real problems to solve and real decisions to make. Boot these liberal idiots out the door.