Biden Rallies For John Fetterman in Pennsylvania Senate Race and It’s a Huge Flop

John Fetterman is the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and running as a Democrat for the Senate. His main platform is being soft on crime and advocating a lot more handouts for people.

Fetterman has some controversy in his past for pulling a shotgun on an innocent black jogger who he thought was stealing, but he still has a decent chance of beating Dr. Mehmet Oz, his GOP opponent.

The two are currently tied at 46% each in poll averages. To help get him over the cusp, Joe Biden showed up at a recent rally on Thursday. To say the least, it was quite a disaster.

Where’s Fetterman?

Fetterman suffered a serious stroke. He is beset by questions about his ability to understand speech and be able to run for Senate. He was leading the race, but he’s since fallen way down and is now neck-and-neck with Oz.

Oz is currently gaining traction. Having Biden show up in Pittsburgh at Fern Hollow Bridge, which fell down last year, and then later in Philly only tied Fetterman more closely to the failed policies of 46.

What was even worse is Fetterman didn’t do anything but loiter around while Biden talked. He didn’t deliver remarks; his wife, Gisele Fetterman, told the press and public to back off when they wanted to talk to him.

When you have to let Joe Biden manage the media and public for you, then you’re definitely not in the right shape to be in the Senate.

This is Joe Biden we’re talking about, a man who routinely avoids the press and has a team of handlers including his own wife, who shepherds the media and onlookers away from him so he doesn’t embarrass himself or start WWIII.

Then again, with two dominant women who run their lives, it’s clear why Biden and Fetterman feel so much kinship. They’re two peas in a pod: disabled men who need their wives to help hide them from too much pressure and scrutiny.

Fetterman’s Not Ready

Whatever you think of Dr. Oz or Fetterman, the Democratic Lt. Gov. simply isn’t ready to be in the Senate, nor should he be serving in a high-up position in the Keystone State.

He needs to be at home recovering and working with a speech pathologist. His medical problems are his own private business and are nothing to joke about.

Yet, they do mean he’s not ready to debate complex topics and matters of national security in our nation’s third branch of government.

Gisele told the public to stop bothering him with questions, but this was his own rally! When you’re running for Senate, you tend to want to show your best side, but instead, Fetterman is holding forward Biden as if he’s some kind of mascot.

The Bottom Line

Biden isn’t going to save Fetterman. The two should both take a breather and do some aquacise at a recovery facility, because they’re not ready for national government.