Biden Rally Gets Trolled in Hilarious Way in North Carolina

Here’s the thing about Joe Biden:

He’s not nearly as popular as the liberal media would like you to believe.

There are plenty of Americans across the country who realize he’s not up to the job; they also fear the lunacy of his second in command Kamala Harris as well.

The most recent example of Biden being interrupted by Trump supporters comes out of North Carolina, where Biden was giving a speech to get more people to get the COVID vaccine. 

The state currently has a 55% vaccination rate, which is far below most other states. 

The ‘National Month of Action’

Pushing people to get the shot is part of a so-called National Month of Action. Jill Biden recently went to Nashville to push Tennesseans to get vaccinated and got booed by the crowd at a Brad Paisley concert. 

Next, Biden was in North Carolina to convince folks to get the shot so he can try to hit his 70% vaccination goal for the country by Independence Day. 

Speaking at the Green Road Community Center in his usual rambling style, Biden shuffled off to go do whatever his handlers tell him to do next. 

At this exact moment a loud song came over the loudspeakers that will be familiar to all of us in MAGA-land:

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones played loudly over the speakers.

After a few moments it was switched to Journey’s iconic song “Don’t Stop Believin’,” but then went back to the Stones. 

It’s not fully clear if it was intentional, but if it was a mistake that actually just makes it all the more hilarious in my opinion. 

Fauci and FLOTUS Push the Shot

As Biden got trolled in North Carolina, FLOTUS and good old Dr. Fauci were in Florida going to a vaccine site and nearby arena to tell people to get the shot. 

This isn’t just about COVID and the vaccine, of course. It’s about building up momentum in battleground states so they won’t get walloped in next year’s midterms as badly as it looks like. 

That could work; except the problem is that less and less Americans are buying what the Democrats are selling, and Biden makes a terrible spokesman. 

Even in his North Carolina speech he made a bizarre statement about how low vaccination rates among Latino Americans are because they’re afraid to be “deported.” This seems to say that Latino Americans is the same as illegal immigrants which is one, racist and two, incorrect.

Biden is a Joke

Biden and his administration are a joke that’s not funny in any way. It’s like a slow-motion trainwreck that looks so bad, you wonder how it can even be possible. 

This poor guy needs to get to a nursing home (hopefully not one of Andrew Cuomo’s nursing homes) and rest up a bit. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us would be fine with having our favorite President Donald J. Trump back to fix the mess that Biden’s created.