Biden Regime Deliberately Flooding America With Illegal Immigrants

The crisis on our southern border is much worse than many people realize. Every day, we have around 10,000 illegal immigrants flooding into our country.

President Trump signed off on building the wall and was getting it started. He also gave Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the tools they needed to enforce our border laws.

Joe Biden stripped away those rights and left our southern border defenseless, open, and extremely dangerous.

Now, conservatives are sounding the alarm about Biden’s open borders agenda and why he and his regime are doing this grave harm to America.

Our Nation is Under Attack

Appearing on Mark Levin’s show, former Trump advisor and speechwriter Stephen Miller sounded off about what is going on.

As Miller explained, what’s happening on our southern border is a planned invasion that’s undermining our country.

It’s also about to get a whole lot worse with the upcoming expiration of Title 42. Under the pandemic, Title 42 gave the federal government the ability to send back illegals quickly, due to public health concerns.

Once it expires, asylum-seeking illegals will have many more rights at the border and be able to continue clogging up our immigration system as they flood Texas, Arizona, and California.

As Miller said, if this was happening anywhere else, it would be getting “wall-to-wall” attention from the media, even a liberal media!

Though here in the United States, our liberal-run networks barely even care that our country is under attack.

Why is Biden Doing This?

In order to understand the Biden regime, you just need to look at the actions that Biden and his crew have taken.

On day one, Biden’s two priorities were the following: kneecapping America’s energy independence and opening up our border.

The reason these were his priorities is simple: Biden is part of a globalist ideology that wants to end sovereign nation states. The representatives of that ideology in the United States are the Democrat Party and Republicans in Name Only (RINO) conservatives.

These traitors work hand-in-hand to undermine everything which makes us a nation, and as President Trump said during his term, without borders, you are not a nation.

Flooding our nation with desperate illegals, sex traffickers, drug dealers, and psychopaths also gives Biden and the left the chance to flood in new voters and welfare state spending, as they work to collapse our currency and end our national independence.

Once you see the sick motivation behind their actions, all of these policies start making sense in a very disturbing way.

Red Alert

The southern border is a red alert situation.

No amount of outcry is too loud about the horrible tragedy and invasion that is going on on our southern border. We don’t even know who is coming into this country!

This must stop. November and the midterm elections can’t come soon enough.