Biden Regime Exposed For Funding Radical Green Environmental Extremists

The dangerous radicalism of the left is now becoming clear to every American, but the true scope of what’s going on is still being uncovered.

It may have started with scrapping the crucial Keystone XL pipeline, but the radicalism of the far left in this country is getting completely out of control. If you haven’t heard of the Climate Emergency Fund, you’ll want to keep reading.

What is the Climate Emergency Fund?

The Climate Emergency Fund is a leftist organization that gives out money to environmentalists who want to stop the oil and gas industry. They don’t just hand it out to nice people who hand out information pamphlets or something, however.

This radical organization funds protesters who block roads, smash precious art pieces in museums, glue themselves to cars, and do other reckless, bizarre stunts.

The stunts make the headlines and get media attention from the sympathetic liberal media, but the real story comes when you trace back the funding of who’s behind this creepy organization and their real purpose.

Green Extremism ATM

The truth is that the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) is basically an ATM for green extremists to plan their next stunts.

Front groups like Declare Emergency who recently ruined the display of an expensive sculpture in DC and Just Stop Oil who ruined an $84 million van Gogh painting are all under the CEF umbrella.

CEF also funds the influential A22 environmental activism network and receives huge funding from top Democrats including Aileen Getty, Hollywood leftist Adam McKay, and harpie leftist witch Chelsea Handler.

There is a star-studded list of far leftists funding this group that goes around violently spreading its message and attacking property to try to force the green new deal.

The Usual Suspects

There are many woke celebrities funneling money into this group, as well as relatives of the Kennedy family and people connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

It’s the usual suspects as always, creating fake activism and pretending to care about the environment in order to try to end our way of life as we know it.