Biden Regime Getting Ready To Arrest Thought Criminals

A few weeks ago, the former Attorney General in Missouri and the AG of Louisiana launched a lawsuit against the Biden regime.

Their lawsuit was against Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and various federal agencies for trying to censor and collude against the American people.

Missouri’s former AG Eric Schmitt is now a US senator, but the case he started against the Biden regime is continuing and making progress.

Holding the Biden Regime Accountable

The suit says the Deep State worked with Big Tech to keep Americans quiet who didn’t like Biden or disagreed with the establishment narrative.

The lawsuit specifically refers to numerous times when Biden and his lackeys infringed on the First Amendment. This includes working with Twitter’s former far-left leaders to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

It includes censoring news about problems in the 2020 election. It includes shutting down disagreements over the dangerous and ineffective COVID “vaccine.”

The truth is in almost every area where it mattered, Big Tech and the Biden regime colluded to keep information away from Americans and control the narrative.

Now, the case to finally hold them responsible is making progress, but a shocking piece of information has been discovered about just how bad things have become.

Case Update

This Missouri case against Biden is making progress, but the most shocking thing to emerge is our thoughts are considered part of the US government.

The federal government legally classifies citizens’ thoughts as “cognitive infrastructure.” What that means in plain-speak is they are saying our thoughts are part of America’s government property and reach.

This lawsuit’s already gone through three revisions, but it is still alive. What’s most disturbing is how it’s exposing the true cultural and tyrannical objectives of the globalist Biden regime.

Pushing Back

If successful, this will be a big step in pushing back this dangerous regime, which is making moves to criminalize, silence, and arrest “thought criminals” who post “disinformation.”