Biden Regime Moves to Destroy Middle Class with Awful New Tax

When in doubt, the Democrats tax. Their senile president is going down the drain and our country is in crisis; so once again, they’re turning to the taxman to solve their problems.

Except this time, we’re not looking at any regular tax hike: this is next level banditry. In fact, Democrats plan to straight up steal your money by putting through an unrealized capital gains tax in their next monster bill.

What is the New Tax?

The new tax is being proposed by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Like the rest of the clowns in the Biden regime, this woman has no idea what she’s doing. Yellen is a reckless and dangerous, anti-American individual.

Yellen is now saying the tax on unrealized capital gains will help pay for efforts to fight climate change and improve society. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose husband was recently accused of insider trading, also backs the new tax.

Of course Pelosi does. These people don’t care about you or your family; they just want to keep taking and taking like the political vampires they are.

Basically, the new tax hits unrealized capital gains that come out of your fungible assets. According to Yellen, it will only affect the “extremely” rich in America.

She claims it isn’t a tax on the rich, however, and is just about making sure people pay their fair share. She’s lying; it’s just about passing higher costs onto consumers and wrecking the middle class.

Unrealized Gains?

Unrealized gain just means anything you own that’s gone up in value. If you have a house and it gained value, you’re paying tax on it, even if you didn’t sell it.

Basically, this would be a way for Democrats to tax anything you have that starts to be worth more than it was yesterday. They would tax the air if they could, I swear.

In the future, the government will watch and monitor everything we do like a hawk, swooping in to tax and regulate us just for making the smallest transactions. We’re truly entering a dystopian time.

The Bottom Line

Here is the bottom line: Democrats want to take more money out of your pocket to pay for their crazy ideas. Nancy Pelosi and other idiots in Congress are working with leftists like Yellen to sink what’s left of our middle class and ruin this country.

It’s up to us to let them know we’re done listening to their lies. If we keep allowing this kind of crazy stuff to happen, we’re eventually going to end up as a failed state.

Democrats cannot be allowed to regain power next year and they must all be voted out. There’s just no other option at this point.