Biden Regime Panics and Censors Media AGAIN as Probe on Hunter Biden Tightens

When President Trump was in office, the liberal media wouldn’t shut up about his criticism of the media. We were told he hated press freedom and had thin skin.

In reality, of course, Trump merely did the bare minimum to stand up to lying traitors who tried to push him out of office with the bizarre Russia conspiracy they made up.

The real attack on free speech has always come from the left, including past interference in the 2020 election by the federal government bureaucracy getting Twitter to ban the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Now, the Biden regime is back at it again, this time in an even more egregious violation of free speech.

Biden Regime Bans NY Post From Press Briefings

The Biden regime, which works on behalf of globalist ideology to weaken America, has banned the New York Post from press briefings at the White House. What did the NY Post do to get hit with this ban?

All they did was report the tax fraud and other charges that are closing in on Hunter. The Post has been closely following Hunter’s laptop. It was key in uncovering his dad helping him get a corrupt position on the board of a Ukrainian gas company.

The post also shed light on Hunter’s shady foreign dealings, drug use, and frequent use of prostitutes. The White House is angry about this, so they kicked the New York Post out of briefings. It’s really that simple.

The Hunter Investigation

The investigation into Hunter has gone on since 2018. Even though the liberal media and Democrats tried to say it was Russian disinformation, the truth is finally coming out.

This includes evidence of sex trafficking by Hunter of Russian and Ukrainian women and pay-for-play schemes buying influence with his dad when Biden was VP.

These are potentially very serious crimes, which is why the White House wants to shut down any buzz about them as much as possible.

Banning access to a press event is the perfect way to do that. This is globalist tyranny trying to enforce only one permitted narrative. It’s outrageous.

Globalism is growing.

The one-world ideology pushed by George Soros, the World Economic Forum, and the anti-American cabal has seized our presidency. Be on alert. Your rights are under direct attack.