Biden Says Gas Prices Will Spike Even More, Blames Russia

Gas prices are already bad enough, but Joe Biden says they’re about to get even worse. With Russia’s recognition of two breakaway regions of Ukraine on February 21, Biden says the energy market will be interrupted.

He’s slapping fresh sanctions on Russia; the European Union is also stepping in, with news it will cancel the $2 billion Nord Stream pipeline.

The result is going to be gas getting even more expensive, along with extensive instabilities in the market for months to come…at a minimum.

Biden-flation is Already Out of Control

Let’s face it: Biden-flation is already out of control.

In the grocery store and in heating costs, we’ve seen a huge rise since Biden took office. In fact, average inflation under President Trump was only 1.8%, but now under Biden, it’s at 7.5%.

Gas was an average of $1.84 under Trump; now under Biden, we’re already crossing the $3.53 mark.

The first day Biden got in office, he cancelled the crucial Keystone XL pipeline. He later dropped executive orders to ban all drilling on federal land, sinking America back into energy addiction to unstable foreign countries.

Now, he wants to blame Russia? It’s all way too convenient for Biden; no patriot should let him get away with pretending this is all just unforeseen geopolitics.

Biden set us up to be energy-dependent and energy-weak. Now, he wants to pass the buck onto the American consumer and say it’s patriotism to shell out all your savings at the pump and on your heating bill?

I don’t think so.

The Cost of Freedom

During his remarks on Tuesday, Biden talked about the cost of freedom and then hobbled off without even taking a question from the press.

As Russia seizes the eastern part of Ukraine, and our allies wonder where exactly America stands, Biden has only one thing: excuses.

His full embrace of COVID restrictions while coming into office was part of what held our economy down and kept inflation soaring.

The heavy spending of his Build Back Better agenda increased inflation massively; his decisions to cut energy left us dependent on the Middle East and other regions.

Now that Biden is being expertly manipulated by Vladimir Putin and losing control of eastern Europe, he wants to talk about how this is the reason our economy could get out of control?

Mr. President, we all see why the economy has gotten out of control; we have seen it for over a year now! It’s you and your incompetent, liberal regime.

Bottom Line

Biden let us down in Afghanistan and now he’s allowed Ukraine to stumble to the edge of war without any real strategy to respond.

He’s right that energy prices are going to go haywire; this is exactly why he should have set us up for success, instead of for vulnerability.