Biden Sending Troops to Eastern Europe

Joe Biden is sending more troops to Eastern Europe to support NATO. He said it won’t be “too many” troops, but will be done to put more pressure on Russia not to invade Ukraine.

NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has said for a long time now that Ukraine deserves to be a member. Although, they have taken no steps to make that actually happen.

The idea of including Ukraine in NATO has been done to politically isolate and goad Russia, not out of actual geostrategic reality.

The result has been Ukraine is caught between a rock and a hard place.

It’s torn apart by Russia-backed separatists in the East and moon-eyed pro-NATO politicians in the West who are coasting along on false promises.

Now, Biden is sending America’s bravest to act as a human shield against Russia, after helping play political games against them for decades.

Biden’s Bluff

Russia considers Ukraine to be in its backyard.

President Vladimir Putin has called the collapse of the Russia-centered Soviet Union history’s “greatest tragedy.” It’s clear he believes Russia should dominate the region.

On the other side, however, Russia hasn’t been met by hard-eyed realism; they’ve been met by game playing.

The West is constantly trying to shift the borders of NATO east and talking about including Georgia and Ukraine to upset Russia and try to tip their hand.

The result is where we are at now: on the brink of a completely unnecessary war and Russia’s potential takeover and annexation of the east of Ukraine.

Biden has responded to that with a bizarre statement, saying he would decide what to do, depending on what Russia does or does not do.

Now, he says he’s moving “not too many” US military members into eastern Europe.

If you were Russia with 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine ready to strike, how worried would you be?

Biden is going into this half-cocked and he’s not going to fight a war over Ukraine. Russia knows that.

General Mark Milley Speaks

General Mark Milley is the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He speaks for our military.

When he’s not busy talking about “white rage” and how bad white people and President Trump are, Milley is talking war.

On Ukraine, he said it would be “terrible” and include “significant” deaths if Russia invades Ukraine. Milley said the US would rather see a “diplomatic solution” on this issue.

Of course he’s right, but you know this guy is not a humanitarian, he’s a soldier. The real reason they want a diplomatic solution is Russia outpositioned NATO on Ukraine and everyone knows it.

Biden was tested by Putin and found weak. Now, we are reaping the whirlwind.

As for US-Ukraine relations? Biden spoke with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky earlier this week in a call that was apparently a complete disaster.

Zelensky is reportedly disgusted with Biden and the way he strings Ukraine along with false promises and rhetoric about democracy.

That makes two of us, President Zelensky!