Biden Spits in the Face of Our Brave Border Patrol Agents

When he’s not lying or mumbling like a bus-stop lunatic, Joe Biden is hiding from the press. In fact, he’s given far less interviews than any president in modern history, and the ones Biden has given are a complete disaster.

Seeming to realize they need to get out in front of this, Biden’s globalist handlers stuck him onstage at a CNN “town hall” yesterday, getting him to answer softball questions and prance around.

As you can predict, Biden did terribly. He fumbled easy questions and completely failed to resolve people’s concerns about inflation, COVID, and the current crises gripping the nation.

However, it was on the border where Biden truly embarrassed himself, spitting in the face of our brave Border Patrol agents.

Biden Blows It on Border

Our southern border is in complete chaos. Million of illegals are coming in this year; small towns in Texas are being overrun by unknown people from all over the world who are disappearing with no court dates.

This country is being invaded. Texas Governor Greg Abbott even warned Mexican cartels are firing rounds at Texas National Guard troops along the border. It’s obvious this is going to come up as a topic wherever Biden goes.

However, when he was asked about visiting the border on Thursday, Biden gave the most disrespectful answer possible. He said he’s already been there “before” and hasn’t had “time” to get back so far.

Yes, he actually said that; even though it’s true he “should” go back again, his schedule’s just been too busy. How is this man still our president? Is anyone else seeing how bad this is by now?

Biden: I Don’t Need to Visit Border, My Wife Has Been There Already

Biden also did the weakest thing possible. He passed the buck to his wife, Doctor Jill Biden, and said she’s already been “on both sides” of the Rio Grande. Therefore, it’s not a priority for him to go.

This answer was to a question from Anderson Cooper, a Democrat leftist who was just trying to give Biden a nice chance to say he plans to go soon and pretend to care.

Yet, Biden couldn’t even do that because he’s too senile. It’s also because he truly doesn’t care at all about our brave Border Patrol, National Guard troops, and the integrity of our borders.

The Insane Double Standard

As Biden pushes forced vaccinations on Americans (and starts a new law on Nov. 8 that bars anyone who isn’t vaccinated from entering the US by air), our borders are being overrun.

Hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated Mexicans and other foreigners are swamping the country while Biden focuses on strangling our businesses and our rights. This CNN town hall was a complete joke. Biden is an awful idiot and traitor.