Biden Takes One Step Closer to Being a Dictator With New Vaccine Policy

The Biden regime gets closer to being a dictatorship every single day. As patriots hear the jackboots stomping on the street, we can only pray and prepare. This government is not American. This government hates our Constitution. This government does not want private property or basic liberties.

Need proof? Take the so-called “vaccine” for COVID. Biden is going far beyond just pressuring people to get it. He’s now saying he’ll stop funding large areas of society until people cave in and take the shot.

I wish I was joking.

What is Biden Threatening to Do?

Biden is saying he will not fund various nursing homes, colleges and recreational facilities with federal money unless more people get the vaccine. One strategy is to withhold Medicare money in order to force workers at care homes and other similar locations to all get shots or else face serious deficiencies and issues at their facilities.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo already killed thousands of elderly folks by forcing nursing homes to take people with COVID; why not continue on that tradition by starving old people of funding to pressure more vaccination?

Federal workers are already about to be legally required to all get the vaccine. Here are the numbers: around 90 million Americans don’t yet have a vaccine. Biden wants them all to get a vaccine, and he’s clearly willing to push beyond the legal limits to achieve it.

Joseph R. Biden is a Dictator

Let’s say it loud for the people in the back and so they know we’re not joking: Joe Biden is a dictator. True, he’s not started opening up camps yet, as far as we know, but all the other signs of a dictatorship are there.

Should I count the ways? Massive censorship, show trials and prosecution of political enemies from the Jan. 6 protests, forced vaccination and destruction of private property rights by way of the eviction moratorium.

There much more: forcing extreme leftist ideology through the education and federal workforce, use of division to cement control, and destruction of individual liberties including the right to leave home and the right to make medical decisions.

I’ll say it again: Joe Biden is a dictator. Furthermore, his staff admires dictators; a recent senior adviser showed her true colors by rating Chinese mass murdering Communist Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite” politicians.

We are deep in the danger zone, folks.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we no longer live in a free country. The Biden regime is determined to chase all patriots into a corner and starve them out. This isn’t about vaccines, “hate speech” online, or any of the things that Democrats say it’s about.

It’s far simpler than that: this is about protecting the Constitution and defending American against a hostile regime who is determined to turn this country into Communist China.