Biden Tells Big Lie About January 6

When President Trump was in office, the mainstream liberal media couldn’t get enough of fact-checking him.

The Washington Post even hired a Canadian liberal Daniel Dale to come over from the Toronto Star and write special fact-checking segments on Trump. CNN ran meters keeping track of all his supposed lies.

Under Biden, you won’t see any of that. Not only did the media cover for him to get him in office, they now actively ignore his wild and reckless lies and incitements to hatred.

Biden’s Latest Shocking Lie

Believe it or not, Biden went to the University of Delaware, graduating in 1965 with a Bachelor of Arts.

He then went on to get a law degree from the Syracuse University School of Law. At university, Biden got five draft deferments so he wouldn’t have to potentially serve in the military during the Vietnam War.

In any case, Biden was invited back to UD to give a speech to graduates. In his speech, he went on a big rant about his usual subjects of democracy, decency, and the “insurrection” that occurred on January 6, 2021.

According to Biden, rioters on that day killed two police officers and “broke down” the front doors of the Capitol. These are both totally false statements.

Despite media reports, officer Brian Sicknick died several days later from an unrelated and tragic heart condition. He was a Trump supporter. No other police officers died in the protests or riots.

In fact, the only other people who died were Trump supporters, including unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt who was gunned down in the halls of Congress for trespassing.

The Democrat Lies About January 6

The Democrat lies about January 6 just keep getting worse.

As Trump supporters are held in jail without charges and denied proper food and medical care, these politicians are out there accusing people of murders that didn’t happen.

Let’s be clear about what did happen in this regard: two officers involved in the riots committed suicide in the aftermath of the attacks.

Many people pointed out how suspicious this was, considering that these officers Jeffrey Smith and Howard Liebengood may have known something about exactly what happened on that day.

Assuming there was no suspicious activity, these tragic deaths are not the same as Trump supporters “murdering” two police officers.

Biden’s words do matter, especially since he’s technically POTUS. They are also regurgitated by those on Liz Cheney’s January 6 commission who constantly exaggerate what happened on January 6 and try to make it the defining event of our generation. 

The Bottom Line

Biden and the Democrats want to make January 6 into the biggest tragedy that’s ever happened in America. We can’t let them get away with these sick lies.

They need to be fact-checked.