Biden Threatens to Nuke Right-Wing American Citizens

President Joe Biden doesn’t deserve to be president and is a menace to freedom. 

No more proof is needed than his most recent comments about gun-owning Americans and the Second Amendment. 

Biden mocked the idea of having weapons to protect yourself from tyranny; he even made a thinly-veiled threat to nuke his own citizens.

What Did Biden Say?

Biden was talking about the Second Amendment in a press conference Wednesday; he then went off track and started blabbering about gun rights and tyranny. 

He was saying how the founders who passed 2A never intended for it to apply to any weapons you wanted and how the whole idea of rising up against tyranny for the sake of liberty was naive and stupid. 

If you want to actually take on the federal government you’d need “F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” Biden claimed, going on to argue that there has “always been the need” to crack down on what type of weapons people can own and by who. 

In between his daily word salad and self-righteous, anti-American nonsense, Biden was saying something truly disturbing. 

He was saying that the government would potentially use nukes on citizens if they ever mounted enough of a challenge to its power. 

Inspiring stuff. 

What was that again about President Trump being a deranged dictator?

America Reacts to Biden’s Bravado

Biden’s comments caused people to react in disgust, including Don Trump Jr. who called him a “doddering old fool,” while conservative John Cardillo called Biden a “senile old lunatic.”

Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky called it a “weird flex” and said Biden’s threat hadn’t gone unnoticed. 

He might be crazy, but he’s still president; every time he says insane stuff like this, people stop and genuinely hope the nuclear football is safely out of his reach, because this guy is off his damn rocker. 

Why Liberals Are Wrong About Guns

If I were to write an update explaining why liberals are wrong about guns, it would stretch from here to the moon. Guns protect families, women and minorities. Guns are the antidote to tyranny. Guns are the foundation of America and responsible gun ownership is a hallmark of being a patriotic citizen. 

Liberals like Biden are also wrong about guns, in a far more basic sense. 

They crow on about how a group of unarmed folks almost overthrew the entire government on January 6 but want us to simultaneously believe that millions of Americans owning high caliber weapons could never counterbalance government power?

Give me a break. 

The Japanese famously said in World War II that they’d never invade America because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. 

Biden knows he’s full of crap. He knows guns are powerful and stand against tyranny. He needs to stop threatening people for being American and following the Constitution.