Biden’s Agenda Revealed to Bring in Huge Wave of Refugees in 2022

Every day seems to present a new opportunity for Joe Biden and his regime to stab America in the back. Whether it’s our southern border crisis, COVID crackdowns, economic inflation, or the betrayal in Afghanistan, the list just goes on and on.

Now, news is breaking about a plan for Biden to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees next year. I wish I was joking, but sadly, this is very much real news.

Refugee Invasion Planned for 2022

The Biden regime has announced, through the State Department, it plans to bring in 125,000 refugees in 2022. Meanwhile, for 2021, Biden plans to bring in 62,500 refugees.

Either you believe Biden and crew are dedicated humanitarians, or you accept they have an agenda to flood this country; they want to overrun it with desperate people from the third world who will vote for Democrats.

Under President Trump, we only let in the truly at-risk migrants and capped the amount at 15,000. Now, we’re preparing for a full-on Democrat-led invasion of this country.

Fiscal year 2022 starts up on October 1. Get ready for more and more folks from God knows where living in your neighborhood and shopping at your local grocery store. They’re here, thanks to the Biden regime and believe me, 125,000 folks is a lot of people!

Where Will the Refugees Be From?

The bulk of the refugees brought in the coming months are going to be coming from Africa, South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.) and East Asia. Only around 10,000 are coming from Europe, while 15,000 will be from South America.

There’s no doubt that many people around the world yearn for the opportunities and freedom America offers and have tragic life circumstances. However, America is America.

We can’t host the entire world inside our borders or fix the problems of every country that exists. Invade the world, invite the world is also not a workable government philosophy.

Formerly, President Trump signed a law that gave communities and state governments a say on where refugees could be resettled, but that was withdrawn. Now, if the federal government sends people to live in your community, that’s the final word on it.

Who’s Paying for All This?

You guessed it: you, the taxpayer. One refugee has a price tag of about $133,000 to a taxpayer over the span of their life. It’s expensive to provide for a new person and accommodate them into American society.

Around one in six refugees need help with paying for housing, for example, and that doesn’t come cheap. The Biden regime has really gone too far this time.

It’s time to stand up and tell them that enough is enough. We believe in America First and we can’t have a president who believes in America last anymore.