Biden’s Border Chief Stealing From Veterans to Give to Illegal Immigrants

The Biden regime is a mess, and it’s not just because of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The whole crew of people running our federal government right now is deep in far-left ideology and extreme, anti-American beliefs.

That’s particularly true in the case of Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas. As the head of DHS, Mayorkas should be facing the horrific crisis on our southern border.

Instead, he’s still speculating on various ideas without any real action. It now looks like he’s leaning towards taking resources away from our veterans and providing them to illegal aliens.

Mayorkas’ Madness

Specifically, Mayorkas has plans to take away funding, doctors, and nurses from the Veterans Administration (VA) and send them down to the southern border.

Thousands of illegals a day are currently being stopped on the border. In a few days, when Title 42 expires, we may be looking at a massive increase of up to 10,000 per day.

Testifying before Congress, Mayorkas said the plan to leech resources from the VA would include taking away doctors and nurses, as well as money. This is an insane idea, but it’s exactly the kind of thing Biden would do.

He already abandoned our troops and allies to the Taliban during his idiotic pullout from Afghanistan. Now, he wants to abandon our wounded and injured troops to help a bunch of narcoterrorists and third-world disease carriers enter our country illegally.

It’s absolutely sickening.

Our veterans should never come second to non-citizens who want to benefit from the kindness and greatness of this nation.

Our veterans should even come before other citizens because of their service.

Shameful Incompetence and Malice

This kind of shameful incompetence and malice should never be happening in the United States.

For Joe Biden and his gang of anti-American Marxists, our veterans are just people they can use for their agenda and take from when they so desire.

Taking things away from the VA is a horrible idea for other reasons, as well. The VA is already understaffed and going through major challenges.

We saw how President Trump helped revitalize the VA and make our veterans a priority as he promised he would do, but Biden has done the opposite.

Putting significant VA resources down on our chaotic southern border is a terrible idea.

Texas National Guard Specialist Bishop Evans died recently jumping in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas to save illegals who were drowning. He drowned himself.

Those he was trying to save turned out to be drug traffickers.

These are the kinds of horror stories happening on our southern border because of the Democrat’s lies and incompetence.

Biden wants to send our VA resources down there to die, drown and get diseases, instead of looking after our military members who so desperately need it?

The Bottom Line

Why is it the news nowadays sounds like something out of the Onion?

It’s because we’re living under a joke administration. The problem is this joke isn’t funny, it’s just extremely infuriating.

Our veterans and our country deserve so much better.