Biden’s Crime Nightmare

Joe Biden has done more damage in his first year than Barack Obama did in eight years. Let that sink in, and really think about it.

It’s not a pretty thought, and it’s enough to give any patriot the chills. While Obama did his best to shred our Constitution and inject his poisonous Marxist ideology into the country, Biden has done far more.

He’s shamed our troops abroad, stabbed our allies in the back, and gutted our economy with COVID closures. Biden has also opened our border even more and tried to force a left-wing extremist ideology on our schools and businesses.

However, perhaps nowhere is Biden’s failure more jarring than on crime. As a murder wave continues to crash into our nation, Biden deserves all the blame he’s getting and more.

This was abundantly clear during his recent trip to New York, where Biden pretended to care about the ruthless murders that are destroying the Big Apple.

Biden’s Big Trip to New York

Biden went to New York yesterday, where he met with Mayor Eric Adams and talked about stopping crime. Biden was hoping this would just be a chance for him to talk about cracking down more on guns.

It turned out Adams wanted actual leadership and solutions, not just blaming gun owners for the actions of criminals and psychopaths roaming his streets. Predictably, Biden failed to provide any sort of leadership or answers.

In fact, Biden didn’t even manage to come across as giving a hoot about the city’s murder wave, with police and civilians being killed daily in the city. This includes the recent gruesome ambush murder of NYPD rookie Jason Rivera last week.

The idea of expanding background checks, banning high-capacity magazines, and putting in more red-flag regulations to stop guns hasn’t stopped the homicide horror that’s gripping us. Murders have just gone up.

The Democrat fixation on lowering bail and letting criminals out of jail has been horrific, but of course, Biden didn’t touch that. He just stood there, trying not to look at his watch, while offering zero solutions to a city that’s collapsing under the weight of crime and illegal weapons.

Of course, Biden and Adams say they’ll stop the illegal guns, but you don’t stop what you don’t punish. With gun crime increasingly punished as little as possible, criminals feel very confident about packing heat and using it.

Welcome to America Left Behind

America has been left behind by the left.

Blue cities have become lawless hellholes with a few rich folks living in gated communities and high-rises and normal people trying to survive dangerous streets full of rabid criminals.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has eased up on punishment for gun crime, making armed criminals even more ruthless as they walk around shooting, robbing, raping, and murdering.

Complaining about guns and going for a press conference with New York’s mayor won’t save a single life. Officer Rivera is still dead and the crime wave is still drowning New York.

We Need Real Solutions to Crime

Joe Biden was slammed in 1994 for passing a tough-on-crime bill. Ironically, it’s actually one of the few things he did right.

The solution to crime isn’t to sit around overthinking and being all sensitive. It’s to increase the pressure and punishment to as strong a level as possible under the law.

Make the price of crime higher than any potential payoff from crime. It’s as simple as that.