Biden’s Insider Trading Secretary of Energy Slaps Americans in the Face

Jennifer Granholm is our current Secretary of Energy.

She was busted earlier this year for buying and selling stocks while breaking the STOCK Act. The STOCK Act is all about preventing members of administrations or Congress from trading on insider knowledge and not being transparent about their finances.

Granholm is now continuing to make headlines for her unethical behavior. This time it’s not her financial transactions that are raising eyebrows; it’s her mockery and indifference to the price of gas.

As the prices at the pumps have continued to rise and make life harder for everyone, Granholm has consistently dismissed it. Back in May of 2021, she sneered if people would just drive an “electric car,” they wouldn’t be stressed about gas prices.

Her attitude hasn’t changed since then; the rich insider is still doing nothing to actually address our energy crisis.

Why Doesn’t Granholm Care?

Here’s the thing: inflation is skyrocketing and already went up 7.9% in February alone.

The price of gas is crossing $6 a gallon in some places or more. Gas has more than doubled in most parts of the country, and that’s at a minimum. In some places, it has tripled, compared to 2021 prices!

This is not a time to be dismissive about the situation, especially when your job is literally to manage energy issues in America.

Granholm is worth $8 million, however. She doesn’t really care about the little people or the citizens who actually populate America. Like a corrupt princess living in an ivory tower, this spoiled liberal doesn’t have to worry about gas prices.

As the clip of her judging people for not driving electric cars resurfaced recently, so did a situation on March 9 where a Fox News reporter tried to ask Granholm what is going on with oil and gas prices.

She ignored the question and the reporter was shut down by one of her aides, who pretended to care about getting back to him with an answer.

Here’s the Real Answer

If Granholm decided to be honest and tank her career as a Democrat insider, here’s what she would have said to the Fox Digital reporter who asked her about gas prices…

The answer is Granholm is a member of one of the most ineffective and pathetic administrations in American history.

It’s a group of people who have abandoned our troops and allies, emboldened Russia and our enemies, tanked our economy, and led a completely ineffective and fake response to COVID.

It’s a group of people so obsessed with a fake green ideology they worked to intentionally kneecap our energy independence which was achieved under President Trump, cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and banning drilling.

It’s a treasonous group of elites. They have no interest in the lives of ordinary Americans or their struggle to provide for their families, run their businesses, and act according to their own conscience and religious beliefs.