Biden’s Presidency on the Brink of Doom, as Polls Sink to New Abyss

By now, even the White House can’t hide that Biden is in trouble. What many readers may not know is just how low Biden’s polls actually are.

Despite the liberal media mainly giving Sleepy Joe a pass, the numbers don’t lie. They’re starting to show a clear picture of a leader who’s lost the confidence of the American people.

I’m not just talking about conservatives and libertarians who already knew Biden was bogus from the start. An increasing amount of Independents and center-left voters are also losing patience with Biden and starting to jump ship.

Here’s what a recent Quinnipiac poll says…

New Poll Neuters Biden

This new poll from Quinnipiac is very bad news for Biden. It shows even those who still back Biden are not very enthusiastic about him; meanwhile, those who don’t like Biden are growing in their dislike and level of anger.

The full average of numbers puts Biden at a 40% approval rating in the latest Quinnipiac poll; however, when you look deeper under the surface, it’s a lot worse for Biden than that already dismal number.

A whopping 45% of poll respondents “strongly disapprove” of how Biden is doing as president right now, while only 20% strongly approve. That right there says it all.

The various categories are looking even worse for Biden, with 39% very upset by how he’s doing on economics and only 20% very happy. Healthcare? Again, 35% very unhappy and only 17% happy.

Abortion? 35% very unhappy with his positions on that and only 15% happy. The list goes on here, but the point is Biden is being sucker punched on every individual issue when you look at the difference between intensity levels.

The amount of people who are “very” happy or unhappy with him on various issues is much more tilted in the direction of those who are unhappy.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Looking ahead to next year, we can see this poll spells disaster for the Democrat Party. The truth is Biden is only a drag now for the left; meanwhile, their other offerings like stuffed suit robot Kamala Harris are no better.

Every time, Harris laughs like a retarded hyena, a kitten dies somewhere and one more voter decides not to ever go near her again. The Democrat Party, as a whole, is in such rough shape, which is why they always focus on conservatives and the GOP.

Democrats think if they keep saying the magic words “white supremacy” enough times, they will keep winning elections. However, everyone from minorities to Independents is waking up and saying no thanks.

The Bottom Line

The American people have had enough of Joe Biden and Democrat-run government. We want Trump back and we want him back as soon as possible.

If not Trump, then at least somebody like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It’s time to have a real leader once again.