Biden’s SCOTUS Pick, Ketanji Jackson, Confirmed

Joe Biden has made a lot of promises to America, and so far, he’s broken almost all of them. Not only that, but we’re experiencing record inflation and on the brink of world war.

One promise Biden made that he hasn’t broken, however, was to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

With his nomination of Ketanji Jackson, Biden made this promise come true, and with confirmation of Jackson on Thursday, the seat is now filled.

Is Jackson a Woman?

During her nomination hearings, Jackson was asked to define what a woman is.

It’s a valid question, considering that many aspects of SCOTUS rulings relate to defining and protecting women, for example, the VAWA (the Violence Against Women Act).

Jackson, however, said she’s not a “biologist” and wouldn’t care to venture a definition. This on its own should have been disqualifying.

Yet, it’s also worth pointing out if she can’t define what a woman is, then how do we know that Biden nominated a black woman to SCOTUS? Can we be certain Jackson is a woman based on her being of the female sex?

Perhaps a woman is something different and we need to call in a biologist to debate this in order to figure out if Biden actually nominated a woman to SCOTUS or not?

These are the kinds of questions that the media should be investigating, since it’s now obviously so unclear what a woman is.

We wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusions here, you know?!

Praise for Jackson From the Left

Michelle Obama also praised Jackson for being a black woman, suggesting Obama may also have an opinion on what a woman is. This is definitely something we need to investigate further.

Biden said tough Republican questions of Jackson were “verbal abuse” and others on the left said opposition to her was racist, revolting, sexist, and evil.

After the left falsely accused SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape with no evidence and put it all over national TV for weeks, they are angry that a SCOTUS nominee was asked basic questions about her beliefs and records?

Color me skeptical on that.

Furthermore, genuine questions about Jackson being very soft on crime, going easy on pedophiles, and having a patchy judicial record are absolutely valid questions and concerns.

Even if you support Jackson, there is no reason that you would expect or want to shield her from hard questions or criticism unless you somehow think she is not strong enough to withstand criticism and stand on her record?

The Bottom Line

Jackson’s confirmation to SCOTUS is bad news for conservatives.

Now is time to focus on the upcoming midterms and at least make sure that we can retake Congress from the radical left.