Biden’s SCOTUS Pick, Ketanji Jackson, is a Pedo Enabler, Rape Apologist

Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is a young lady by the name of Ketanji Jackson. Biden promised to nominate a black woman, and now he’s doing so. At least Biden has kept one promise.

Here’s the problem: Jackson admitted she doesn’t know what the definition of a woman is in SCOTUS hearings. This alone disqualifies anyone from sitting on the highest court in the land.

However, it gets worse: she also has a record of going easy on pedophiles, rapists, and sexual abusers. Regardless of politics and even if Jackson were right-leaning, this deserves to be called out.

Jackson’s Disturbing Record on Sex Crimes

Jackson has been easy on drug offenders and other criminals, displaying a general soft-on-crime ideology that fits perfectly with today’s left and the Democrat Party. Yet, her disturbing record on sex crimes also goes way back.

One example comes from a 19-year-old pedophile called Wesley Hawkins, who spent three months in jail for possessing child porn of young boys doing sexual things.

Jackson gave him only three months in jail and three months of being confined to his home for a crime which generally results in much longer sentences.

Hawkins didn’t just happen to see a couple twisted things online and quickly click away.

He saved and stored obscene illegal material, which is a serious crime. Usually, having multiple underage videos saved on your devices can land you in jail for up to eight years. However, Hawkins got only three months.

He’s now out thanking Jackson for her lenience and saying he’s glad she gave him a second chance. Once he was out, Hawkins was already searching for more legal, but highly suggestive images. He is considered as a high chance to reoffend.

Jackson won’t say whether she feels bad about going so easy on him, and it’s far from the only time she’s ruled in similar ways.

What Jackson Regrets

After receiving adoring praise from Democrats for her skin tone, including a bizarre worship session from the ridiculous Senator Cory Booker, Jackson got annoyed at Republicans who were questioning her record.

Of course, one of the main traits you need as a SCOTUS justice is the ability to not react personally when questioned about your record.

However, Jackson said she’s sick of focusing on the “small subset” of controversial cases she’s done and would like to focus on her overall excellent performance and jurisprudence.

Perhaps she may recall the nomination of right-leaning SCOTUS justice Brett Kavanaugh. Enraged leftists tried to batter down the door of our highest court and the media flooded the airwaves with unproven and false rape allegations?

Does she remember how much sympathy Kavanaugh got from leftist politicians at that time?

The fact is Jackson may be a wonderful woman with a bright mind. However, her record makes it clear she doesn’t belong anywhere near our highest court.