Biden’s Secret Bonanza for Illegal Aliens is Way Higher Than Anyone Expected

The new big spender bill from our Democrat friends is full of awful stuff. That won’t come as a surprise to most readers, but what might come as a surprise is just what kind of trickery and treason is hidden inside.

It was hard enough for the left to shove through their fake infrastructure bill full of Green New Deal extremism and gender equity propaganda; yet, this bill is even worse. It’s over 2,100 pages to a tune of $1.75 trillion and it includes secret massive payouts to illegal immigrants.

Build Back Better…for Illegals?

The new bill has a nasty little surprise squirreled away on page 1,647. What it does is something very sneaky and very important. This new rule makes it so that you don’t need to provide your Social Security identification to qualify for a child tax credit.

In other words, if you have a pulse and a kid who needs help, Sleepy Joe wants to fork over a pile of cash to you.

This is no mistake. It’s part of the Democrats’ plan to introduce stealth amnesty and overrun our nation with a sleeper army of leftist voters who depend on big government handouts of the bloated Democrat Party.

Biden can’t win the votes of enough real Americans; therefore, he needs to bus and fly in desperate people from the third world who will vote for him in order to have a remote chance at the American Dream.

It’s basically using human shields to protect your regime. It’s sick, racist, and definitely intentional. The right needs to be very firm in calling out this kind of awful legislation.

Why This Matters

This isn’t just about a few illegal immigrants getting to look after their kids. If that was what this was, this could be potentially justified as some humanitarian action.

This is about encouraging illegal immigration; it’s bumping up child support to $3,600 per kid under 6, and $3,000 for kids from 6 to 17. That’s big money, and it should be available to American citizens, not anyone who happens to ask for it.

If you illegally immigrate to Mexico and have a kid, will the Mexican government pay you money because you want it? Not in a million years.

As President Trump said, we need to stop letting our nation be taken advantage of and laughed at. No other country would kneecap itself in this kind of way. It’s outrageous.

Stand Up for America

Opposing this bill and the kind of trickery inside it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a person who cares about America and the future of our country.

We can’t afford to just keep throwing money around like we have no consequences. Also, we can’t afford to keep letting millions of unvetted illegals into our nation. This has to stop…and it has to stop now.