Biden’s Visit to Ukraine Exposed a Shocking Truth About the War

Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine earlier this week was widely praised by the mainstream media.

We are supposed to ignore the multiple problems happening in America and applaud Biden’s visit to a foreign warzone instead, a warzone that America is not officially even involved in.

The war in Ukraine started a year ago. It has been a huge disaster for Ukraine and the world with the danger of becoming a world war.

Biden’s visit to the capital of Kyiv also exposed a shocking truth about the war. Life in many of the major cities of Ukraine such as Kyiv is still mostly normal.

Air Raids for Biden

Although air raids went off while Biden’s convoy streaked in for the photo op in Kyiv, they are usually nowhere to be heard.

CNN reporter Alex Marquardt even admitted it was the first time he’d heard sirens in Kyiv in the week he’d been there. As he said, daily life was “relatively normal” in Kyiv.

That doesn’t prove anything of course, but it points out something very crucial about the war in Ukraine and the horror of war.

Most of the fighting and dying in Ukraine is taking place in eastern and southern Ukraine where young men from Ukraine and Russia are losing their lives by the hundred per day.

Whereas in the metropolitan capital, it’s mainly life as usual, regardless of President Volodymyr Zelensky wanting to wear his military tactical gear at all times, even when visiting Buckingham Palace or talking to the POTUS.

The fact is these politicians aren’t in the war; they’re just bankrolling it and making sure it grinds on and on.

Like it or not, Biden is also writing a check that America is eventually going to have to cash, not just economically but quite possibly with a war against Russia.

The Horror of War

The Ukraine war is very much real, but the kind of air raid theater that accompanied Biden’s entrance is a mockery of the real fighting and dying going on in the south and the east.

Cities in central Ukraine have been hit too, of course, but Kyiv is not currently subject to intense fighting and war the way the media is trying to make it seem.

No Russian hits were recorded coming into Kyiv while Biden was visiting, which means the air raids were just for show.

What about the people who believed their houses might be destroyed any minute just so POTUS could have his photo op and crow on about “freedom?”

The Bottom Line

The Ukraine war is real and horrible, but the politicians pushing it are fake and corrupt. They want to keep pumping up the bloated military-industrial complex until it inflates our entire economy and leads us into a world war.