Biden’s War Against US Energy Reaches Tipping Point

Ever since he stepped into office, Joe Biden’s priority has been sinking the American energy industry and forcing through his green new deal agenda.

It may have started with axing the Keystone XL pipeline, but it certainly didn’t end there.

Now, the state of Texas is particularly concerned about actions being taken by the Biden regime that could threaten its economic future. Let’s take a look…

Texas Under Threat

Texas is currently facing the brunt of Biden’s crackdown on fossil fuels. As Biden talks a big game about reducing how much we use oil and gas, it may sound like simple idealism or a vague idea to many Americans.

Whereas to Texans working in the heart of the oil industry in places like the massive Permian basin, it’s a huge hit to their economic future and stability. Take the city of Midland, Texas, for example, right in the heart of Texas oil country,

Midland Mayor Lori Blog said the messages and “virtue signaling” coming out of DC have really hurt the image of her city’s industry. People now think the oil industry is “evil” or doesn’t care about destroying the natural world.

Blong disputed these characterizations and said Texans and Americans more broadly need to stand up for the oil industry and for the future of traditional American energy.

The Importance of the Permian Basin

The Permian basin is a huge oil-rich area that runs through Texas all the way to southern New Mexico. It pumps out about 40% of the oil and natural gas inside America.

Biden’s push towards green energy and drive to drastically reduce oil and gas in the next ten years is having a real effect, especially strangling the ability to find investors and “access capital” for oil exploration.

Blong herself has a company that runs over 300 wells in West Texas and said she has struggled, due to the negative image and accusations against her industry.

When you take into the bleaker future prediction as a result of Biden’s heavy-handed federal actions and favoritism toward green energy, it’s no wonder producers and explorers are suffering.

What’s even worse is that Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is being pushed down on oil companies, filling them full of useless woke bureaucracy that strangles our energy industry and our economy more broadly.

Blong directly says these actions are stopping US businesses from “growing” and increasing the amount of energy insecurity in the United States as a whole.

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Biden has focused a lot on emotional appeals in his presidency and posturing as a morally superior man who wants to help the environment and stop injustice.

The truth is the opposite; the real economic effects of his red tape, green nightmare will be felt for years to come.