Big Tech is Bullying the Press Secretary of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a leading contender for president in 2024 and America’s favorite governor. He’s stood up for freedom while blue states fold like dominoes and he’s refused to play liberal games.

The strength of DeSantis in passing pro-freedom legislation has driven leftists nuts, so leftists did what they always do when someone won’t bend to their will. They decided to bully those around him who might give in more easily.

In this case, the left decided to attack and insult DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw. It didn’t go quite how they were hoping.

Leftist Bullying Backfires

Leftists provoked and bullied Pushaw into responding on Twitter to some of their insults. She urged her followers to go after a reporter who was being a major jerk; Twitter responded by suspending her account for being “abusive.”

Conservatives who respond or fight back to bullies are considered to be the aggressor in every case, because none of this is about justice. It’s about power. Big tech wants all the power and wants conservatives’ mouths stuffed shut and pushed down.

Why else would Pushaw be suspended while the head of the Taliban is allowed to tweet? Pushaw pointed exactly that issue out and received no response.

Pushaw Pushes Back

Pushaw slammed Big Tech and their “false narratives,” saying that the media’s lies are being exposed. Here’s what happened: when Associated Press (AP) put out a fake news article last week saying DeSantis was endorsing ineffective COVID treatments (because of someone who’s a donor to him), Pushaw called it out on her Twitter account.

She called it out because the story wasn’t even true. AP then whined that people said mean things to them because of Pushaw calling out their lies. So, Twitter went ahead and banned her account temporarily.

AP lied and got caught. Then they tried to play the victim and get Pushaw digitally lynched when they started facing the consequences of slandering the governor of Florida. Typical cowardly leftist hacks.

Bullying Women and Pushing Fake News

The liberal media is a Soviet-level psychological warfare organization; they are working together with big tech and the deep state Democrat, neoconservative system. There is no reason to ever respect them again.

They must be approached in the way you would listen to, for example, Viet Cong propaganda on the radio during the Vietnam War. These are the transmissions of people who hate America and want to divide and fracture our nation.

The liberal media is not incompetent or stupid; it’s maliciously dishonest and hate-filled. Their attempt to silence Pushaw when she called out their lies is just the latest example in a long-line of unforgiveable lies which the American people will never forget.