Biggest Wealth Transfer in World History Taking Place

The official population of the United States is 336.5 million people. Of those people, 73 million are part of the Baby Boomer generation, which means they are between 60 to 80-years-old.

As these folks retire and pass away, they are leaving money to the next generation as well as their grandkids. An estimated $84 trillion is expected to be passed on to Gen X and Millennials between now and 2045 in America.

What will this look like down the road? How is the transfer of wealth already changing the world? Let’s take a look.

What Does This Wealth Transfer Mean?

This wealth transfer essentially means that rich families are going to have even more of a head start while those with a worse economic situation won’t benefit.

In fact, the majority of the $84 trillion mentioned above will be from only 10% of America’s families: our richest families.

As this wealth filters out to the top echelon (especially the top 1%), America will be in a bit of a pickle.

The reason is the working class feeling increasingly locked out of the wealth of the top 10% of the country is not a good recipe for social stability.

When this happens historically in other countries, it tends to feed the rise of the far left and far right.

The Great Reset

Under the COVID lockdowns, the globalist regime and its ideology were able to accomplish a big goal. They were able to filter more money to the wealthiest people than ever before in world history.

This amounted to a stunning $3.78 trillion going to billionaires around the world, while half a billion people went into poverty due to COVID.

This is part of the globalist plan for a very simple reason. The future world they want is one where only a small elite control technology, power, and money.

COVID lockdowns and the coming generational wealth transfer are the perfect way to move this goal forward into techno-feudalism.