Bill Gates Praises Communist China In Shocking Speech

Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has been one of the leading people pushing the COVID vaccine. He’s also a leading cheerleader for a Green New Deal and shutting down America’s meat and energy industry.

Gates doesn’t come by his globalist views by mistake. In fact, he has a mentor to look up to and recently admitted proudly that he admires the genocidal nation of communist China.

If you don’t believe that, you can hear it from his own mouth. Speaking at an Australian think tank on Monday, Gates praised the murderous CCP regime and said America is too confrontational with China.

Gates: China’s Growing Power is a ‘Huge Win’

According to Gates, the growth of China is a “huge win” in his opinion. A win for who? “The world,” according to Gates, who pointed out that one-fifth of the entire world’s population lives in China.

However, China’s GDP is still much smaller than western countries like Australia and the US, something that Gates feels is “disproportionate.”

To cut a long story short, Gates is saying he’d love to see China get more and more powerful and gain a share of the world economy that’s equal to its massive population.

In other words, Gates wants to see China get even bigger and richer and he thinks America should help them.

The current confrontational attitude between the US and China is a “lose-lose,” according to Gates. You can watch Gates’ remarks below.

Why Gates Supports China

China is accused of genocide against its minority Uighur population. It is accused of leaking the horrific COVID virus. It is certainly guilty of widescale spying on the United States and military aggression in the South China Sea against Taiwan.

Gates says he supports China because a richer, stronger China will be a better partner against “climate change” and invent new vaccines and medicines, such as the cure for cancer.

According to Gates, everyone needs to see they are in this “together,” instead of treating other nations like China as a threat.

Although he did admit China is “autocratic,” Gates is showing the exact kind of attitude that former President Bill Clinton had when he let China into the World Trade Organization (WTO): help them get richer and more high-tech and they’ll get more democratic.

Wrong…and Gates knows it.

Gates Calls for ‘World Governance’

In the same set of remarks at the Lowy think tank in Australia, Gates said China needs to play a bigger role in “world governance.”

What he means is the UN, fighting climate change, pandemic responses, and things like that. What he means is globalism.

Let’s not pretend this is part of some bizarre theory. Bill Gates is loyal to a global government and has no respect for the US Constitution.

He should be thoroughly investigated for whatever he is involved in, but the problem is he’s fully supported by his allies in the Biden-Harris regime and their giant administrative state.