Billionaire Space Mogul Elon Musk Makes Shocking Admission About Lockdowns

Elon Musk is a billionaire for a reason. He’s extremely smart and innovative. While our bloated government sat back and let America drift into socialism, Musk led the new age of space exploration.

He’s not a quitter, and he’s not a pawn in somebody else’s game. Musk speaks his mind, and even though he leans more to the left, he also has some conservative sympathies.

This is especially true when it comes to facts. Musk prefers facts over lies. This has caused him to drift further and further from the left on things like gender identity, economics, and COVID.

Musk’s latest statement has Joe Biden crying into his pillow.

Musk Drops the Truth About COVID Restrictions

Perhaps it’s his recent split from his wife Grimes, or he’s just sick and tired of the lies, but Musk recently admitted via Twitter that Sweden “was right” about COVID. During this supposed pandemic, Sweden didn’t shut down society and didn’t force masks on people.

The liberal media at the time went insane (like they did with Florida), claiming Sweden was ridiculous and didn’t believe in science. On Oct. 15, Sweden had zero COVID deaths; the chart of the decline of COVID deaths in their country is incredible!

What did they do to achieve that? Nothing. Unlike the US government (which is wrecking our entire country to stamp out a virus with an extremely high survival rate), Sweden is using basic logic and letting the virus spend itself out.

Throughout the pandemic, Sweden’s numbers never lived up to the horror story the leftist media wanted to come true. Instead of having a high death rate like pro-lockdown and pro-mask UK and Spain, Sweden stayed at lower levels.

The results now speak for themselves. Sweden skipped all the nonsense, and it’s doing much better than countries like Israel or the United States. These nations have embraced globalism and put all their faith in an experimental gene therapy “vaccine.” Facts are facts.

Why Did Things Turn Out This Way?

Why did Sweden end up having so much success and other countries didn’t? Could it be the fact herd immunity started kicking in? Could it be the virus didn’t mutate to get around masks and vaccines?

We can see in the Amish community, here in America, that refusal to go to hospital, get vaccines, or wear masks didn’t result in a higher death rate either. A country like Belgium, meanwhile, put in place super strict lockdown rules.

Belgium’s death rate is 50% higher than Sweden’s. If the globalists don’t like these numbers, then they should quit their jobs. Anyone who believes in science has to accept what science is telling us.

It’s telling us the lockdowns and masks didn’t work. Meanwhile, every week it’s giving us more evidence that not only do the vaccines not work as advertised, but they may also be hurting people even more.

God bless Elon Musk for telling the truth. Sweden was right.