Black California Residents Set To Get Up To $800 Billion in Reparations

California was never a slave state, but they’re now considering the idea of paying out huge money in reparations to black Californians. The state of California has a special task force focused on asking for reparations for black residents.

They are now considering $800 billion total to make up for racism, real estate discrimination, and “over-policing.”

This matter will have to go to Governor Gavin Newsom and actually be discussed as legislation, but there’s definitely a chance that some reparations are going to be paid out.

It’s Actually More Than $800 Billion

In addition to the $800 billion recommended to be paid out, the task force says all older black California residents should even more.

In fact, they felt these people should get $1 million each because they haven’t gotten good enough healthcare, due to race, in the past. There are around 2.2 million black Californians.

This would essentially make taxpayers who never owned slaves from a state that never owned slaves pay people who never were slaves for their skin tone. Using other people’s money to virtue signal is not a good look and it’s not convincing anyone.

America has more than enough problems right now without continuing to divide people by race and treat black people as helpless victims, which is also a racist thing to do.

California’s Democrats need to get serious very fast and start looking at this realistically. For one thing, $800 billion is more than twice as much as the entire state budget.

When is the Money Being Paid Out?

This is still just a suggestion. Money might not be paid out for quite a while until Newsom and the statehouse decide on what’s happening.

By July 1, the task force on reparations is required to submit more details on exactly who will qualify for the reparations. The legislature will have to decide how much of the recommended amount to pay out, if any.

The Bottom Line

This is the last thing America needs right now and it makes no sense. No wonder the Democrats are so interested in pursuing it.