Black South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Calls Out Left-Wing ‘Woke Supremacy’

Tim Scott by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is a positive and brave man.

As the only Black conservative in the Senate and one of the few on the national stage, Scott has faced constant racism from progressives and left-wing activists and politicians who call him a “token” and frequently imply he’s naive, stupid or somehow “less than” for being a Black man who loves America.

Scott understands just how toxic the left’s brew of identity politics and “woke” ideology can be for everyone, especially Black conservatives and others who think for themselves.

He recently called out left-wing extremists and critical race theory nutjobs, saying that “woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.”

Veterans Day Ceremony – Congressman Tim Scott by North Charleston is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Scott Slams Leftist Scolds

Speaking on Fox News after a segment from former South Carolina Trey Gowdy, Scott slammed leftist scolds and their control of popular culture, likening it to the history of anti-Black racism.

Leftists pretend to care so much about racism yet constantly engage in it, which makes it all the more important that Black conservatives and minorities who do not agree with leftism continue to speak out against it.

Scott’s comments followed Gowdy criticizing woke far-left MSNBC anchor Joy Reid, who engaged in racist comments against Scott.

Despite also being a Black American, Reid engaged in disgusting attacks on Scott recently calling him a “token” and saying he’s only window dressing for the GOP to provide a “patina of diversity.”

In other words, Reid is calling Scott an Uncle Tom. She’s basically saying what President Biden said to Black folk who don’t vote for him: “you ain’t Black.”

Tim Scott is a National Treasure

People like Joy Reid don’t really hate Tim Scott because of his beliefs. They hate him because he’s a minority who doesn’t fall in line the way they condescendingly believe that minorities must fall in line. They hate him because he’s a symbol of everything they’re not man and woman enough to be.

They hate him because he’s brave enough to be himself and stand up for what’s right and they’re not.

People like Reid are subservient left-wingers, serving the upper class Whites who order them around and think poorly of them behind the scenes, all while spouting pro-Black rhetoric to win votes and sound good on TV for your friends.

Reid works for the fake news to serve brainwashed liberals who think conservatives are the devil, Scott works for the people of South Carolina: people of all colors and political beliefs.

He’s also a modest man who doesn’t go after people personally, unlike slime-slingers like Reid. In his response on Fox against woke supremacy, Scott never called out Reid by name or stooped as low as she did. Instead, Scott took the high road quoting Scriptures from Matthew 5:44 in which Jesus says:

“But I say to you: Love your enemies: Do good to them that hate you: And pray for them that persecute and calumniate you.”

We could all use more politicians like Tim Scott: intelligent, brave, well-liked and honest. Unlike Reid, Scott isn’t out there looking for conflict or trying to stir up more controversy and hate He’s working to tamp down the fires of hate and division instead of trying to increase the division and resentment like Reid is doing.

Let’s all take a page from his book and pray that hate-filled people like Reid and the fake news propagandists have a momentary pang of conscience and step back for a moment to look at what they’re really doing with their lies and hatred.