BLM Founder is Building a Wall (Around Her House)

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Patrisse Cullors is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

She made headlines recently for buying a mansion in the Malibu Hills; it also didn’t help that Cullors took her profits from the scam “racial justice” movement to enrich herself and her partner. 

News is now breaking that this queen hypocrite is building a large fence and high-tech electric gate around her $1.4 million LA villa.

She bought the large home in March. 

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The Cullors Case

Cullors quit as head of BLM’s main organization last month. This happened after people started criticizing her financial matters, although she claimed that her departure wasn’t related. 

With all its talk of “equality” and social justice, BLM has been a violent, racist organization. BLM is focused on taking advantage of rare police wrongdoing cases to pursue its anti-American, neo-Marxist agenda. 

Cullors hit headlines in April when it was reported that she’d bought up four nice homes for $3.2 million. This money arrived thanks to proceeds from hapless fools who shell their money into organizations like BLM, thinking they’re saving black lives. 

When the exposure of Cullors’ money manipulation came out, other supporters of BLM weren’t thrilled. The head of the non-associated BLM group (BLM Greater New York City Hawk Newsome) said there needed to be an investigation into the finances of the main foundation’s money. 

The Hypocrisy Circus

Cullors said in the past that she’s a “trained Marxist.” However, that apparently hasn’t stopped her from hoovering up money like a metal detector. Marxism also hasn’t stopped Cullors from building the fences that she and BLM members claim are racist when they’re located along our Southern border. 

When the accusations first came out against Cullors about her embezzling BLM donations, she completely denied it. Cullors then claimed she didn’t get money from a BLM salary either. No, all that money was from sales of her book and YouTube videos.

Sure, sure. 

BLM got over $90 million in donations in 2020. They did this by banking on the death and media coverage of felon and drug addict George Floyd. To think that Cullors didn’t profit from this is a bit of a stretch. 

Cullors is now spending around $35,000 on a large fence around her LA property, including an electronic gate and buzz-in box as well as cameras. A neighbor said this is to “keep the riff-raff out.”

People like Cullors don’t actually have any interest in black people or class issues. They are just parasites preying on the goodwill of people who feel bad about racism.

If Cullors respected black people, she wouldn’t have been at the head of an organization that’s against the family and religion. She also wouldn’t back the disrespect of cultural conservatism that many Black Americans and Black people across the globe believe in. 

If she cared, she wouldn’t be hiding away in her fenced-in castle with a border wall so the dirty masses don’t interrupt her little fake fairy tale in which she’s the heroine.