BLM Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Black Lives Matter Protest, Seattle WA by Kelly Kline is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Nobel Peace Prize has become a joke.

It’s handed out by some progressives in Norway who sit around and figure out which popular person or group they can give the award to.

The Nobel Peace Prize used to mean something, but after warmongers like Barack Obama started getting it everyone with common sense realized it was a scam.

Nowadays you can basically count on the recipient of the prize being someone who doesn’t deserve it.

But this year’s nomination of BLM for the 2021 Peace Prize is shocking even to cynics. A group whose members engaged in widespread violence, looting and provocation is being considered for the top peace award in the world?

I guess war is peace, right Orwell?

Black Lives Matter Protest, Seattle WA_ by Kelly Kline is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

BLM Praised for its Demand for ‘Systemic Change’

BLM is reportedly being nominated for the top peace prize due to its call for “systemic change.” I guess it’s fairly “systemic” to change a window into a pile or broken glass or entire city blocks of Black businesses into burn-down rubble.

Norway Member of Parliament Petter Eide said BLM also caused nations around the world to have to face up to the problem of racism and “inequality.”

“Black Lives Matter has become a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice. They have had a tremendous achievement in raising global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice,” Eide said.

He actually said that.

The intersectional neo-Marxist guerrilla movement which also dabbles in pagan spirit worship and whose actions led to the death of two dozen people and billions in property damage deserves an award for peace.

We are truly living in the Upside-Down.

BLM Celebrates

BLM celebrated the news online, saying “we’re only getting started.”

You can almost see thousands of people looking up extended insurance policies as soon as they see the tweet. Talk about inspiring people with the “power of your example,” as President Biden put it.

Really, awe-inspiring, all right. Too much more peace like this and you’re going to make Gandhi jealous guys.

Clown World

When Martin Luther King Jr. got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 it was understood that a big part of the reason was that he advocated non-violence. That means not trying to kill cops. That means not smashing businesses. That means not saying White people should be murdered or that cops should “fry like bacon.”

It’s also because King was trying to tell people to get over their obsession with skin tone and start working together.

BLM is saying the opposite. The group is saying that people should be judged on their skin tone, and they’re also saying that only their vision of the world is legitimate. In other words, as most people have now realized: BLM is an extremist supremacist group.

It’s just that they’re an extremist supremacist group that’s on the side of progressivism. So they’re being boosted and considered for the top peace award in the world.

BLM is Offensive to Millions of Black People

Even if you look at it from the point of view of Black people, BLM is highly offensive to many. That’s because it claims to speak on behalf of Black Americans and Black people globally, but it has zero respect for the cultural traditions and conservatism of Black Americans or Black Africans.

BLM is against the traditional family, pro-abortion, pro-drug-legalization and pro-amnesty for violent criminals. This is highly insulting to the majority of Black people who want to live in happy families, have kids, not do drugs and not have violent psychopaths roaming their streets.

If BLM wins the Nobel Peace Prize it would be one of the stupidest things to ever happen in world history.