BLM Rioter Gets the Punishment He Deserves for Burning Down a Store Last Year

We all remember last year when BLM rioters burned down our cities to stop racism. The liberal media, which had been telling everyone to stay indoors for months, suddenly praised the movement, declaring it righteous and true. 

COVID suddenly no longer mattered: all that mattered was letting people shout at and assault cops, burn buildings, loot and march around to take selfies. We were told they were “mostly peaceful” heroes. Actually, some of them were dangerous criminals…and now – finally – one is going to jail. 

Meet Terrance Lee Hester Jr. 

Terrance Lee Hester Jr. is a 21-year-old man from Tampa, Florida. He participated in BLM riots in his city last year by burning stuff down and has now been sentenced to five years behind bars. Hester is also required to pay back for what he did and do three years of probation once he’s out of jail. 

The specific conviction for this young man is on destroying a building by fire used for interstate commerce. Hester burnt down a Champs Sports store in Tampa in May of last year during riots. 

This is a positive development. More BLM rioters should get to check out the real estate of federal prison as well. Why should they be above the law just because Joe Biden and our media like what they believe? A crime is still a crime. 

What Happened?

Hester and a number of other people started smashing stores to steal things and burn stuff down at a shopping plaza in Tampa while a peaceful demonstration was going on nearby. In the process, they burned down Champs Sports store and other shops contained in the plaza that ended up costing $1.25 million in damage. 

Hester was seen on video throwing burning pieces of cloth into the smashed window of Champs, which led to his specific conviction. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that he wasn’t the only person participating in these riots and criminal acts. This brings up a very important problem with any convictions and legal crackdowns coming out of last summer’s riots and looting.

Here’s the Problem

Even though it’s great that Hester is facing justice, it’s not fair that thousands of other violent criminals who rioted last summer are not facing justice. On Jan. 6 when a bunch of Trump supporters wandered around the US Capitol taking selfies, the FBI and government launched a massive investigation.

They plastered their photos everywhere even in masks, trying to find everything they could about these folks. They wanted people’s help to ID many individuals – even peaceful ones – who participated in an illegal act. 

Where’s the same motivation for the summer of love that smashed things up last year? Hester shouldn’t be alone in that jail cell.