BLM Shooter Quintez Brown Released From Jail

Quintez Brown is a leading member of BLM from Louisville, Kentucky. He’s also an opinion journalist at the Louisville Courier-Journal and an attempted murderer.

On Monday, he walked into the office of Jewish Democrat mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg and fired numerous rounds in an attempt to kill the innocent man.

In any sane country, Brown would be behind bars; the attempted murder and other charges against him would ensure that.

However, in 2022 Democrat-poisoned America, this black supremacist psychopath is already out of jail and free on bail.

Community Bail Fund Springs Brown

The local chapter of BLM sprung Brown out of jail on $100,000 on Wednesday.

These kinds of bail funds are the type the left was supporting during the BLM riots of 2020. This included VP Kamala Harris tweeting out support at the time for funding the release of violent looters and rioters burning down America.

Now, Brown is out of jail on bail, despite trying to kill Greenberg. So far, the left has not faced the reality and horror of this story at all. Instead, they have said “right-wing rhetoric” is the real thing to blame here.

That is completely incorrect. Brown was a committed leftist and “pan-African” major who wrote about his hate for gun rights, Republicans, white Americans, and Trump. Trying to blame this shooting on conservatives is completely insane.

The truth is if you read Brown’s columns in the Courier-Journal and take a look at his social media accounts, a clear portrait emerges.

It’s the portrait of a far-left extremist who blamed his personal issues on white people. He built up a paranoid, conspiracy-filled version of America where everyone was trying to keep him down.

His fringe beliefs were then amplified and spread by the other racists at BLM and its many left-wing and centrist enablers. Now, a man almost died because of that.

Brown Will Get Mental Help

In line with its insane beliefs that most violent crime is just people who need social workers and counseling, BLM says Brown will have some counseling since he’s out on bail and awaiting his court appearance.

Brown is actually running for a seat on the Louisville city council. It’s quite something that he is now out of jail and will be getting counseling when hundreds of January 6 protesters are still locked up for taking selfies inside the Capitol.

Trump supporters who never hurt anyone are being humiliated and deprived daily, but this racist, would-be killer is out and talking about his sad feelings.

What about Craig Greenberg’s feelings? You know: the guy who narrowly escaped being gunned down by Brown. Do his feelings matter? Will they be getting tended to courtesy of large community donations?

Or does Greenberg not matter because he’s Jewish and has a pale skin tone?

The Bottom Line

There is no longer any doubt about the dividing line in America.

You’re either with the criminals and their psychotic enablers or you’re with patriots and defending our liberties from the left.