Blue City Murder Rates Just Hit Crisis Levels Not Seen in Centuries

There has been coverage in the media about the crime wave gripping this country, but something big has been missing. What’s been missing from the coverage is more specifics about exactly where and why this crime wave is happening.

This article is here to correct the record, because make no mistake: a murder wave is occurring across America in Democrat-run cities…and it’s mainly happening because of Democrat policies.

At this point, there’s a simple piece of advice. If you and your family want to maximize your chances of staying alive, don’t live in Democrat cities.

Blue Cities are Breaking Homicide Records in 2021

Let’s be clear that 2020 saw a huge increase in murders from the year before…and 2019 was already high. However, 2021 is one for the record books.

Twelve American blue cities are breaking homicide records and we’re not even done with the year. The numbers are going through the roof.

Lax bail policies, slashed police departments gutted by leftist rules and COVID policies, legal drugs, and a soft-on-crime approach leads to criminals roaming the streets and running wild.

The 12 cities setting all-time murder records (with a month to go in 2021) are:

  • Chicago (739 homicides by the end of November, the most since 1970, which set a record of 974). Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Democrat.
  • Philadelphia (521 homicides recorded by Dec. 6, beating its record of 500 set in 1990). Mayor Jim Kenney, Democrat.
  • New York (443 homicides recorded by Dec. 5). Mayor Bill de Blasio, Democrat.
  • LA (352 homicides recorded by the end of November). Mayor Eric Garcetti, Democrat.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana (246 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Joe Hogsett, Democrat.
  • Columbus, Ohio (179 homicides by Nov. 8). Mayor Andrew Ginther, Democrat.
  • Louisville, Kentucky (175 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Greg Fischer, Democrat.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana (137 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Sharon Broome, Democrat.
  • Tucson, Arizona (80 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Regina Romero, Democrat.
  • Portland, Oregon (72 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Ted Wheeler, Democrat.
  • Rochester, New York (71 as of Dec. 8). Mayor James Smith, Democrat.
  • Austin, Texas (60 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Steve Adler, Democrat.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota (35 as of Dec. 8). Mayor Melvin Carter, Minnesota Democrat Party (DFL).

Abolish the Police?

Remember last year when the Democrats went wild and started flooding the streets with BLM and Antifa minions? These extremist domestic terrorists demanded the defunding and abolishing of the police.

Then, some cities actually took steps to do that, with horrific results that we see above. Add in policies that coddle criminals and make life worse for victims. Now, we have blue cities across the country passing murder records that were last set in the early 1990s.

Criminals aren’t facing real punishment, just a slap on the wrist and being let back out on the street by leftist extremists. There’s been a 45% increase in police retirements and COVID regulations are also strangling our law enforcement.

Blue states are not the place to be if you want to stay safe, at least definitely not in any of the major cities.