Border Chief Mayorkas Begs Congress To Fix the Crisis He Made Worse

Homeland Security director Alejandro Mayorkas made it clear that stopping illegal immigration is not his priority.

As millions of illegal immigrants pour across the border, he’s now turning around and demanding that Congress fix the mess he made. There have been numerous calls for Mayorkas to resign or even be impeached, but he now says he’s done nothing wrong.

‘Not Going To Resign’

Asked by journalist Chris Wallace about whether he will bow to the calls to step down, Mayorkas pushed the demands aside, saying he’s “not going to resign.”

In fact, he said it’s not him who’s been negligent in his duty; it’s Congress, which has failed to make reasonable laws around immigration and the border.

Mayorkas said the “integrity” of everything he’s done as head of Homeland Security is perfectly valid and he’s not afraid of an investigation.

He hired a lawyer to respond to the potential impeachment that is coming, but his new tactic of passing the buck is definitely a typical move for a Democrat.

Mayorkas said it’s not his problem that the border isn’t secure and it’s never been secure. He further said the Trump administration’s plans to get the border more secure were against American “values.”

Yes, he actually said that.

Mayorkas in the Spotlight

There have already been several hearings over border security by various committees.

Now that the GOP has control of the House of Representatives, they can start looking under rugs for all the disgusting dirt that the Biden administration tried to sweep there.

As Congressman Jim Jordan said in a House Judiciary hearing earlier this month, it’s crystal clear that the Biden government has no “operational control” of the US-Mexico border.

Mayorkas says this is just an exaggeration and the border has never been perfect, so trying to hold him to account for it is nonsense.

The fact of the matter is Mayorkas stood by and did nothing while millions of illegal immigrants pour into the country, including from places like Cuba and Venezuela where asylum laws make it hard to deport anyone back there.

Last year, over 2.3 million individuals were caught illegally crossing the southern border. One million of them were turned back and forced to go home, but 1.3 million were not.

Biden and Mayorkas are claiming success in recent reductions in illegal immigration by pointing to their new program for Cubans, Venezuelans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans to apply online.

They can get permission to enter the US, first under humanitarian grounds, before coming.

The Bottom Line

People like Mayorkas are the face of the Biden administration for a reason. This is an administration that never takes responsibility for what it does and never puts America First.

Of course, the whole border crisis is not Biden’s fault, but pretending he’s done a decent job handling this issue is absurd on the part of Mayorkas. He should prepare seriously for impeachment, because it may well be coming.