Brazil’s Upcoming Election Gets Ugly as Far Left Goes Berserk

Brazil has a presidential election coming up in October and things are getting tense.

The country is currently led by moderate conservative Jair Bolsonaro. He is an army captain and supporter of liberty who managed to keep his nation partly protected from the socialist storm that is ravaging South America.

From Colombia to Argentina, the continent is awash in a neo-Marxist ideology that is collapsing countries and destroying economies and societies.

Bolsonaro wants Brazil to remain free and strong, which made him enemy number one for his nation’s violent and deranged far left.

Now, the election campaign is officially on; insults are already being traded.

Leftist Lula Accuses Bolsonaro of Being Possessed by Satan

There are dozens of people running for president in Brazil, including individuals like Pablo Marcal who don’t fit into the strict left vs. right dichotomy.

However, the main contest here is between Marxist thief and former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio da Silva (“Lula”) and Bolsonaro.

Beginning his campaign at a car factory in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, Lula claimed Bolsonaro is “possessed” by Satan and has no heart.

Lula embraced the far left and was accused of extensive corruption and wrongdoing during his administration. He will attempt to paint Bolsonaro as being careless of the environment, uncaring about the poor, and guilty of an insufficient COVID response.

A close ally and friend of former President Trump, who is also ideologically aligned with him in various ways, Bolsonaro expressed skepticism about COVID lockdowns and vaccines, for which he was viciously attacked throughout the global media.

Domestically in Brazil, he was blamed for the 680,000 Brazilians who died due to COVID-related causes. That is despite the fact the vaccines and lockdowns did not provably save lives in other countries where they were instituted.

Lula’s Lies

Lula’s benefactors managed to pay off enough unions to gather 50,000 people in Sao Paulo for his campaign announcement.

Bolsonaro regularly attracts this much even at impromptu rallies in much smaller cities.

Many Bolsonaro supporters have mocked Lula’s complete lack of attendees at various events he’s been to in the past. That’s compared to the passionate outpouring of support for Bolsonaro, who is extremely popular among the country’s conservative and centrist base.

Lula already had his chance to rule the country between 2003 to 2010. He did an absolutely terrible job, enriching his inner circle and raking in profits from state oil ventures, while gabbing about his supposed compassionate socialism.

The worst kind of demagogue, he managed to create and worsen a dependent class of Brazilians who go along with his racist-tinged victim-mentality, as opposed to Bolsonaro’s empowering vision for the future.

The Bottom Line

Lula is ahead in the polls, but not by much. Watch this race. If Brazil falls to far-left socialism as well, then South America is all but lost.