Breaking: Alec Baldwin Charged in New Mexico Film Shooting

Actor Alec Baldwin has been a long-time supporter of gun control and a leading opponent of President Trump and the Republican Party.

He’s often called for Trump to be put in jail and encouraged political polarization against conservatives and gun owners.

Though now, Baldwin himself may be facing the inside of a jail cell, after being charged in the killing of his colleague Halyna Hutchins two years ago.

Baldwin shot Hutchins while they were filming a scene of the Western film “Rust” near Santa Fe.┬áSet armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is also being criminally charged in the death of Hutchins.

What Are the Charges?

In October of 2021, Baldwin fired a loaded gun during a scene of “Rust.” The round hit and killed Hutchins and also injured “Rust” director Joel Souza.

New Mexico DA Mary Carmack-Altwies said Baldwin and Gutierrez are each facing criminal charges. Everybody needs to understand that the law applies to everyone, including celebrities and film crews.

Both are being hit with two charges of involuntary manslaughter each and will eventually end up in front of a jury to consider the evidence.

If found guilty of the first charge, Baldwin is looking at potentially a year and a half in jail. If found guilty of the second charge, which includes the aspect of the firearm, he is looking at a minimum of five years in jail.

In total, if found guilty, Baldwin could be headed to jail for 6.5 years and pay out $10,000.

Assistant Director of “Rust” David Halls worked out a plea deal admitting to improper use of a potentially fatal weapon. He will be on probation for half a year; his sentence was suspended, which means he doesn’t have to serve jail time if he serves probation without incident.

‘Criminal Disregard’

Prosecutor Andrea Reeb says Baldwin, Gutierrez, and Halls are all guilty of “criminal disregard” in contributing to the tragic death of Hutchins.

She said film sets like that of “Rust” need to understand that safety on set is of paramount importance and be taken very “seriously,” something which she says was not done in this case.

This case has been going on for quite a while. Baldwin has given a couple of interviews. He claimed he didn’t pull the trigger. He also says Halls told him the gun wasn’t loaded.

Baldwin has remained confident he wouldn’t be charged in what happened; although that has now been proven wrong.

Wrongful Death

Baldwin has already paid off the family of Hutchins in their lawsuit. They were suing him and producers for the wrongful death of Hutchins, but the case is not over.

Film crew witnesses said Gutierrez was also negligent and even let the gun go off several times. More live rounds were also found on set after Hutchins’ death.

As for Baldwin not firing the trigger? That appears to not be possible; although the accusations against the armorer are definitely key in unpacking what may have happened on that day.

The Bottom Line

Let’s keep our eyes on this case as it unfolds.