Breaking: America Has the Highest Inflation in Half-a-Century

Joe Biden came into office promising unity, an end to COVID, and an economic comeback. Less than a year in, we can see the reality.

The country is more divided than ever; COVID is worse than ever and the economy is staggering under inflation. Not everything is Biden’s fault, of course. Yet, we have to keep in mind the Democrat tax and spend philosophy has gutted our economy.

Now gas, food, and other necessities are more expensive than they’ve been in half a century and Americans are trying desperately to stop their money from disappearing into thin air.

Inflation Crisis

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) demonstrates inflation is way up and at the highest rate since 1982. We have a 6.8% jump between October 2020 and October 2021, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Everyone who needs gas for their vehicle, food, energy, or other necessities has been noting the jump. Part of the reason most recently was the fake panic over the omicron variant of COVID.

Furthermore, we can’t help but look at Biden and his policies when analyzing why we are experiencing an inflation crisis. Shipping containers are jammed up at our ports, blue states are in homicide crises, and we have things breaking down all across the country.

Meanwhile, the solution of the Biden regime is just to keep pumping out Federal Reserve notes. It’s not a great time.

What’s Going On?

As our goods remain locked up at ports in states like California, red states like Florida under Ron DeSantis have opened up ports, such as the Jacksonville ports. Our GOP leaders are trying their best to counteract the awful policies of Biden and blue state governors.

However, conservatives can only do so much, and we still have to wait for a turnover of legislative power next year in the midterm elections.

At this point, the country is suffering under the burden of some very bad people with some very bad ideas, and consumers and American families are suffering immensely.

The Bottom Line

Biden is a senile liar who came into office offering all sorts of things he had no intention and no way of delivering. We are in need of real leadership; we are not in need of Democrat talking points.

With inflation up this much, there is the potential for an economic panic and a meltdown of the stock market, which would be an even bigger disaster.

The bottom line here is you should never trust a Democrat with your money. Their slogans may sound tempting if you’re of the bleeding heart variety, but the reality of their policies is always much worse.

We’re seeing that reality now; it’s leaving working families and individuals with empty wallets and enormous frustration.