Breaking: Russia is Reportedly Preparing to Invade Ukraine

When President Trump was in office, Democrats worked with foreign spies to cook up a false conspiracy. They claimed he was working with Russia and collaborated with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election.

These ridiculous claims, which have now been disproven by the FBI, were breathlessly repeated by every “mainstream” media outlet. They now have zero credibility and have been exposed as enemies of the people.

The problem is the media and the left have also actively endangered America. Trump wanted a decent relationship with Russia because he knows war with them won’t help us. Yet, he also wasn’t afraid to call them out and be tough.

The irony here is that Biden is the opposite: all talk and extremely weak…and now Russia is on the verge of literally invading Ukraine.

Biden’s Weakness Emboldened Russia

Biden and the Democrats thought it was funny to start a fake conspiracy about Russia to hurt Trump. Now that Biden and the left are actually in charge, Russia gained a lot of power and lost all respect for the US.

They know Democrats are fake and hollow. They know they’re not serious about protecting allies and it was actually Trump who was serious about America’s place in the world, not Biden and the left. 

Now, Russia is showing just how clearly it feels emboldened, placing 175,000 troops on the border of Ukraine and preparing a full blitz to take over the east of the country in the next month or two.

Our military is sounding the red alert; this is not a drill and an invasion is now assessed as quite likely by our intelligence services.

It turns out it was never Trump who was putting our country in danger; it was the left. They made a mockery of us for years and now when our ally is in real danger, they have no real clout left.

Will There Be War?

At this point, Russia’s troop buildup is no joke. They are right on the border; the US has a NATO agreement to step up for Ukraine if they are actively invaded.

Biden and Putin are set to talk in the coming week. This could be Putin’s way of letting Biden know he has no power left to wield.

US Intelligence warns this invasion will likely take place early next year. It could have over “100 battalion” formations move in along with huge amounts of equipment, infantry, and other assets.

If Russia invades, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there will be “severe” pushback from Washington, including tighter sanctions.

Will Putin invade Ukraine? It’s becoming more and more likely. It would give him a lot of leverage and also be a deep humiliation of the US if we don’t respond militarily and just put on more sanctions.

There are already so many sanctions on Russia they are barely paying attention anymore.

Let’s Face the Truth

Let’s face the truth: the left cried wolf one too many times under Trump and played political games with our national security.

That weakened us enormously on the international stage; now we’re potentially about to see a key ally get wrecked because of leftist lies and weakness.