Brother of Man Killed in Atlanta Spa Shootings Calls Out Race-Baiting Liberal Media for Lying About Attack Motive

Crime scene by Nick Kenrick.. is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Eight people were killed at Atlanta area massage parlors this past week after 21-year-old suspect Robert Aaron Long went on a rampage.

As a White man, Long was immediately portrayed as a White supremacist in the liberal media. They indicated that it was likely he had targeted the massage parlors because Asian women worked there.

The media didn’t bother mentioning that a large part of the spike in anti-Asian hate crime has been in Black neighborhoods and goes hand-in-hand with a huge crime spike across the country.

Most of the victims were Asian women, but one was also a White man: security systems maintenance man Paul Michels.

It also turned out that the motive the media jumped to wasn’t correct and that racism had nothing to do with the attack.

Now Michels’ brother John is calling out the race-baiting liberal media for trying to worsen racial tensions in the United States and lie about the reason for the massacre.

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‘The Media Needs to Tell the Truth’

John said he has been furious at the mainstream medias lies about what happened. Even though his brother was killed, he said it just makes it all the more important that lies don’t continue to be told about why.

John’s brother, 54-year-old Paul, was working at one of the spas to fix their security system at the time he was gunned down.

“The media needs to tell the truth. It really angers me that I have a dead brother, in a crime, and they’re talking about race,” John said, adding “I am very angry at these morons in the media.”

John has a good reason to be angry. Numerous media organizations have tried to desperately tie the horrific murders to “White supremacy” and anti-Asian violence when Long directly told prosecutors his motivation was because of his sex addiction and he considered the massage parlors to blame for “providing an outlet for his addiction to sex.”

As stupid as that belief is, it has nothing to do with racism.

But the news doesn’t seem to care. They want their race hate narrative to keep gaining ground, so they keep repeating false allegations to stir up tensions.

John says he wishes they would tell the truth. That it’s related to porn and sex addiction.

John says he himself used to be a porn addict but quit through his Catholic faith. He says that the lockdown and economic decline together with porn are a recipe for disaster.

”The gentlemen who did it was addicted to pornography, which is a widespread epidemic in this country, and actually since the lockdown has actually gone off the charts,” John said.

The Porn Epidemic

As John said: “This is a drive-by media creating a narrative that is not correct,” he said. ”I wish they would stop, think about what they’re doing and quit stoking racial division in this country. We don’t need it.”

John said it’s time to pay attention to how damaging porn and sex addiction can be.

“The porn issue is an epidemic in this country. And if you look at the numbers, and especially during the lockdown, the pandemic, there is a very, very intense epidemic. And it destroys the basic dignity of the human person. That’s the real issue that needs to be addressed. Not the race issue.”

Long’s rampage killed six Asian women, a White woman and John’s brother, a White man.

Those close to Long say he was very religious but became addicted to sex, breaking up with a girlfriend after she found out he went to get hand jobs at massage parlors. He lost his job during the pandemic and began to fight with his parents as well, who threw him out of the house the night before he went on his massacre.

Long’s dad was a pastor and he was encouraged to fight against racism. One high school student remembers him standing up to a student who called a school security officer a racial slur.

As he descended into drugs and going to more and more pornography and massage parlors, Long went to a halfway house where his roommate said he would obsess about “relapses” of masturbating to porn or going to massage parlors.

“He hated the pornography industry. He was pretty passionate about what a bad influence it was on him. He felt exploited by it, taken advantage of by it,” his former halfway house roommate said, adding that “he had a flip phone because he didn’t want to be able to get online. He had a computer that had all the blocks in the world on it.”