California Democrat Ted Lieu Gets Wrecked

Democrat California Congressman Ted Lieu is a real keyboard warrior. 

He loves to get on Twitter and let loose, expressing his boring leftist views to anyone who will listen. 

Lately, he didn’t bargain for what happened, however, as he got on social media to brag about how he’s religious, but also supports left-wing social policies like abortion and same sex marriage. 

The reason Lieu chose this time to go on his self-righteous rant is because the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is currently debating whether prominent politicians like President Biden can be refused communion for supporting positions which are against church belief. 

Lieu went on to brag about how he’s “Catholic,” but supports all sorts of left-wing stuff. 

Instead of getting a big boost the way he’d hoped, this arrogant California Democrat got smacked down brutally. 

Lieu’s ‘Catholic’ Beliefs

Lieu mentioned that he supports abortion, same sex marriage, divorce and other beliefs which are directly against Catholic doctrine. Then, he said he “dares” priests to refuse to give him communion next time he goes to church. 

Two things here:

I’d be very curious how often Lieu does actually go to church. 

Secondly, yes. They absolutely should deny him communion. This heretic is mocking his own church and its beliefs which have stood the test of millennia by thinking his own liberal views overrule the doctrine of Catholicism. 

By all means, he should be denied communion and so should Biden and all other pro-choice Democrats. 

This is simply common sense and the established rules of the Catholic church. If they don’t like it? Leave. 

Lieu is a Loser

Lieu serves California’s 33rd District which contains a lot of LA County. So the next time he does go to church, he should be told that he’s in a state of grave sin and must repent before getting communion again. 

This anti-Trump, Democrat doofus is part of a party that used to be pro-life and respect the beliefs of its members until becoming an offshoot of radical 1960s cultural Marxism; this involved forcing out all traditional members and urinating all over the legacy of those who came before them. 

Lieu and others like him are an offense to their own religion and need to be held accountable. 

Biden himself is sincerely religious and a Catholic man – I do believe that – but he also must repent and turn from his unacceptable beliefs if he wishes to remain Catholic or receive the Eucharist. 

There’s just no place for Democrat ideologies in the church, and if Ted Lieu, Joe Biden or anyone else wants to make fun of their own church that’s their business.

There’s no reason that their church should open its doors to them again until they’ve truly repented and admitted they were wrong.