California Embraces Full Cultural Marxism

The recent recall election in California was held on Sept. 14. Unfortunately, it did not go the way many conservatives had hoped.

Despite millions of Californians voting to recall extreme leftist Governor Gavin Newsom, he pulled through, thanks to support from the large coastal, liberal cities.

His opponent Larry Elder got significant support, but was subject to racist attacks and relentless media propaganda in the leadup to the recall vote.

I wish I could say none of it mattered that much, but it did. Now, we’re already seeing the consequences, with an extremist new bill signed into law by Newsom.

Newsom’s New Bill Lets Teens Hide Abortions and Sex Changes from Their Parents

Newsom’s new bills AB 1356 and AB1184 are supposed to increase “reproductive freedom” in California; they let minors hide abortions and transgender operations from their parents.

If you are on a health insurance policy with other people, but are the primary individual associated with the policy, you can have an abortion or transition your gender without your parents knowing.

Parents now have no legal right to know what their kids are doing and doctors are legally unable to disclose any of that information to them.

Of course, if they notice their 13-year-old boy is starting to have an extra feminine voice and grow strange curves it could give something away…but bad jokes aside, this is far from a humorous issue.

Newsom says it’s a way to stand up against states like Texas which have moved to protect innocent life with the fetal heartbeat bill.

Newsom wants to make sure his pro-death state lets as many babies as possible die in the womb without any pesky parents getting in the way.

He also wants to make sure the globalist ideology of “transgenderism” is allowed free reign to keep infecting the minds of the young.

Freedom for ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery and Teen Abortions

The language of the bill calls the transgender privacy “gender-affirming” procedures and, of course, calls abortion “reproductive rights.” Newsom referred to recent “attacks” on women’s rights and said that’s why he felt the need to sign this bill into law.

I’m sure parents are relieved to know they live in a state where their tax dollars can literally help mutilate their kids genitals and pay to murder their daughter’s unborn baby without them knowing.

The left is truly sick beyond anything we can imagine, and they deserve no more excuses or easygoing responses. People like Gavin Newsom are not Americans; they are brainwashed psychopaths.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these two bills drag California deeper into the cultural Marxist hole. They also increase penalties for anyone who protests or photographs near an abortion clinic.

This is all about destroying the power of the family and encouraging reckless immorality in young people. This is evil.