California Governor Gavin Newsom Plays the Victim Card Over His Upcoming Recall

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall election in September. What’s he done wrong that led to it? Everything. From disastrous COVID lockdowns that crushed small business and saved zero lives to high-taxing corruption and anti-American policies across the board, Newsom pushed the state too far. 

It’s not only conservatives in California who are sick of this man’s arrogance and incompetence: many liberals want him gone, too. Now Newsom is crying to the public with a familiar Democrat tactic: he claims that big bad conservatives are ruining his career for no reason. 


Newsom’s Victim Narrative

We already know that liberals like Newsom have no shame. They latch onto victim groups and narratives like leeches and don’t let go until they’ve gotten out everything they can. They are power-hungry parasites who pretend to care about others in order to use them as props and they don’t care what group – or country – they destroy along the way. 

Appearing recently on MSNBC (or MSNDNC as President Trump calls it), Newsom whined about the recall effort, saying that his response to COVID has been fine. According to Newsom, the 25% of Californians who haven’t got the shot yet is because of “right-wing misinformation” from pundits. 

Guess what? Those same “pundits” (by which he means Larry Elder, Tucker Carlson, etc.) are also the driving force behind the recall effort. Poor Gavin Newsome being persecuted so unfairly! It must be so hard to be him and go hang out with his donor buddies at fancy restaurants while his state’s economy dies under COVID and red tape. 

‘It’s the Same Folks’

Newsom said that right wing pundits are making him out to be the bad guy when he’s been doing his best. He claimed that those behind the recall push are also “the exact same people” who are comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust and so on. 

“It’s the same folks,” Newsom whined. This pampered liberal baby, who’s worth an estimated $20 million, couldn’t be more wrong. You know who’s really behind his recall effort and wants to boot Newsom out onto the side of the road with a box of his office stuff and a pink slip?

The people of California. Right wing pundits may be voicing these folks’ concerns, but they’re not the ones creating them. Gaving Newsom created those concerns with his self-righteous, destructive “leadership” of the state. 

Is Newsom a Goner?

Will Newsom get kicked out of office? At this point, it looks like a definite maybe. The recall started in June last year and went into overdrive when Newsom was caught out with friends and donors at a fancy restaurant.

He was breaking the lockdown he’d pushed on state residents and people were disgusted. The recall got almost two million signatures of Californians and currently the state is split about half-half on recalling him. 

Newsom really could be kicked out. Here’s hoping!