California Leftist Political Candidate Goes Berserk Over COVID

We all know how angry liberals get about COVID and their precious vaccines. Anyone who doesn’t agree with leftists and Dr. Fauci is an enemy of the state, a terrorist, and a piece of trash.

Sometimes it feels like we’re leading up to a genocide or some kind of political disaster with the level of hateful rhetoric that leftists are using. The latest example comes out of the very blue state of California, where congressional candidate Steve Cox is running as an Independent.

Let’s be clear: the guy is a flaming liberal, but he’s not technically a Democrat. What he is, in fact, is a flaming psychopath.

Cox: People Who Don’t Take COVID Seriously Should Be Shot and Killed

Cox is running for the 39th district in California, but he’s got a loud mouth on him. He went on Twitter to express his thoughts about COVID and those who say it’s just another disease. People who say COVID is not necessarily more serious than anything else and doesn’t deserve extra “precautions” should be shot, according to Cox.

This smarty pants was trying to make a point about how offensive and horrible it is to downplay COVID. What he actually did was show the dark evil lurking in the heart of the left. These people want us to die.

Cox Is Not Just a Random Liberal

It’s easy for those who read this to brush off Cox as just another random liberal with an anger problem. If only that were the case. In fact, he represents a very common and dangerous mindset that’s growing on the left: hatred of the unvaccinated, violent resentment of those who don’t follow the regime, and obsessive mental illness over the COVID virus.

Liberals who claim to believe science clearly do not believe it, since COVID is only slightly more dangerous than the common flu and has mainly been a media psychological operation to scare the hell out of common people.

The Chinese flu can be deadly, but so can many other diseases. Leftists like Cox are the same as those who laid the framework for the Stalinist genocides and the Nazi concentration camps.

They don’t even realize just how dangerous their rhetoric is, because they are convinced they’re correct. They are the foot soldiers of the fascists regime that’s taken ahold of our White House.

End the COVID Propaganda!

COVID propaganda has gone too far. Impressionable idiots like Steve Cox are mentally ill and must be segregated and quarantine for their own health until they recover. As an added suggestion, may I float the idea that they be prevented from speaking or writing so that they don’t spread more violent hate around the country?

It’s sad seeing people fall this low, but we can’t allow their hate-filled lies to continue to infect the country.