California Schools’ New Woke Math Courses Say Math is Racist

California is among the wokest of the woke; the state is so left-wing that normal people are leaving in droves for red states like Texas. Before people imagine that California’s liberalism is just about taxes, social values, drugs, and crime, keep in mind that it goes a lot deeper than that. 

One example is California’s educational system. The California Board of Education was actually set to approve a new woke math curriculum that focused on race instead of mathematical facts. 

It has now been cancelled at the last minute, but it shows just how deep we are into downtown clown town in liberal America.  

‘Politicizing K-12 Math’

The recent board meeting led to some members speaking up against the proposed curriculum. They noted that California was “politicizing K-12 math” in a way that would directly and negatively impact students’ learning. 

The fact of the matter is that math class is not critical race theory class. There shouldn’t be a critical race theory class at all. Nevertheless, if you are going to talk about racial topics, different ways of understanding numbers, or cultural differences in math and science…save that for the wishy-washy homeroom crap. 

Math class is for learning math. Canada’s been having a similar struggle; the country only recently got rid of math classes that taught similar things, including that math is inherently “white,” being racist in origin and practice. 

As I said, we’re deep into clown town. 

Fighting ‘Current Inequities’ in Math

According to the changes that the leftists wanted, math continued “current inequities” by ignoring social justice and other topics that are more important. If they’re more important, go talk about them at your Kumbaya camp outside of school hours. 

Kids in math class are there to learn math, not racial indoctrination about your weird Marxist theories. At this point, California’s Instructional Quality Commission is looking at changing up the curriculum, but not keeping all the woke ideas. 

They would do well to just scrap all of them entirely. Math class is not the place to have a CNN-style crying jag about racism. 

Why Is This Happening?

Why are silly things like this happening so much these days in America? The simple answer is that this country has been overrun by destructive cultural Marxism. It wants your kids and it has no respect for science, facts, logic, or personal choice. 

Sending your children to public school is a one-way ticket to a cult. If at all possible, parents should homeschool, gather with other families, or go to private schools that share their values. 

Alternately, try to get on your local school boards and local governments to influence policy. Places like California still have conservatives; it’s just they’ve been outworked and outmaneuvered in places like the education system and government. 

Let’s take back power.