Canada Cops Plan January 6 Type Witch Hunt for Trucker Protest Supporters

Canada’s freedom trucker convoy inspired the world.

The truckers were protesting vaccine mandates and mask mandates, demanding Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau start allowing unvaccinated Canadians to leave their own country and cross the US border.

Trudeau refused, going into hiding, and then claiming to have COVID. He then declared martial law on February 14, sending heavily armed SWAT squads in to beat truckers, veterans, and other supporters of the freedom convoy.

Along with martial law, Trudeau announced those who supported or participated in the convoy would have their accounts, including cryptocurrency, frozen.

Now, in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, the truckers and crowds have been cleared away with threats and brute force. However, the head of the Ottawa police said it’s far from over yet.

Ottawa Police Chief: We Will ‘Actively’ Hunt You Down

Ottawa’s former police chief Peter Sloly resigned partway through the trucker protests. Clearly, he wasn’t willing to go all the way into violating the human rights of peaceful protesters just trying to make their voices heard.

So, the cops brought in someone who was, a man named Steve Bell. This fellow is now heading up the Ottawa police and said even though the trucks and protests have been cleared, police will “actively” hunt down anyone who took part.

Even if you have gone home, you will be investigated and identified. Bell said this includes freezing your accounts and criminally charging you. It won’t be short, either. Bell said he expects these investigations to last “months” and involve serious police work.

His threats are far from idle; the Ottawa police have been noted for their brutality, as they work hand-in-hand with militarized units sent in by Trudeau. The scenes look more like something out of Soviet Russia or Communist Cuba, but they’re in snowy northern Canada.

A New January 6

As we saw on January 6, the Democrats used the riots of that day as a pretext for months of hyper-intensive investigation. They then followed up and arrested anyone they could who took part, even if it was just taking a selfie or sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk as a joke.

The events of January 6 were clearly a setup and federal informants appear to have been involved, whereas the trucker protest appears mainly organic at this time. However, the principle of what comes next is similar.

Canada’s Stasi-like liberal government wants to use this as a pretext for punishing its political enemies, stealing their money, and putting them in jail on vague charges.

There’s no real mystery about what’s happening here; this is big government fascism and the desire to beat and bludgeon citizens into submission.

The Bottom Line

Canada is lost. Let’s protect America from becoming this kind of hellhole while we still can.