Canada Holds Election With Country Praying Liberal Fascist Trudeau Will Lose

Canada is in the grip of a left-wing extremist psychopath by the name of Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is truly his father’s son; his dad Pierre Elliott Trudeau strong-armed Canada into a progressive nanny state, even suspending the constitution in October 1970 to send armed troops after political enemies.

Trudeau Jr. is doing his best to follow in his late dad’s footsteps, instituting endless lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and COVID policies as he crushes the last freedom out of the Great White North.

He leads a minority government and is hoping for a majority where he can push through even more extreme vaccine passports. That’s why Trudeau called an election a few weeks ago. Today we will see how his plan works out for him, with Canada headed to the voting booths.

Who’s Going to Win?

Canada’s election has two main parties: the Liberals led by Trudeau and the Conservatives led by Erin O’Toole. At lower levels of support we have the national populist People’s Party of Canada, the socialist New Democrat Party, the fanatical leftist environmental Green Party, and the French separatist Bloc Quebecois.

All the parties are fully globalist, including the so-called “Conservatives”…except for the People’s Party of Canada, which is led by a Canadian patriot called Max Bernier. Bernier has been consistently calling out the other globalist parties on their anti-freedom nonsense and embrace of socialist COVID policies.

His party has more than doubled support in the past month as remaining patriots rally to defend Canada’s last vestiges of sanity and liberty. Now, the election will move forward and we’ll see who wins.

At this point on election day, the polls show the following:

  • Liberals: 31.4%
  • Conservatives: 30.9%
  • NDP: 20%
  • People’s Party: 6.7%
  • Bloc Quebecois: 6.6%
  • Green Party: 3.2%

As we can see, the race has come down to a very tight competition between the Conservatives and Liberals. Although the Conservatives initially spoke out against vaccine passports and lockdowns, they have since reversed course and it’s clear they also can’t be trusted.

Nonetheless, O’Toole and the Conservatives are definitely better than Trudeau and his leftist crew, one of whose top ministers Maryam Monsef recently called the Taliban “brothers.”

Trudeau’s Canada

Trudeau is more or less like the Obama of Canada. He’s led the country down a dark path to big business socialism, increased government corruption and control, as well as an expanded nanny state, handouts, and inflation.

It’s no wonder Joe Biden and Trudeau also get along so well. Both are fake Catholics who support abortion. Both want everyone dependent on the government and jabbed with their experimental gene therapy “vaccine.”

Both are liberal fascists. It’s up to the remaining sane Canadians now to pull off a miracle and block Trudeau from power. If he does win, it’s vital Trudeau doesn’t get a majority as well, since what he’d do with that is a nightmare to even think about.