Canada Now Banning Unvaccinated from Buying Food in Grocery Stores

Canada is a vision of what will happen if the Biden regime gets everything it wants in America. Our northern neighbor is now a progressive police state. Citizens who are unvaccinated can barely leave their homes and can no longer leave the country or travel inside it.

It is getting even worse than that in some Canadian provinces (states), however. One Canadian region called New Brunswick has now authorized grocery stores to ban the unvaccinated from entering.

This comes in the middle of winter when temperatures often reach very low levels and it’s difficult to find alternate sources of food outside of the supermarket.

New Brunswick Goes Full COVID-1984

All of Canada is progressive, except the province of Alberta which has a centrist-conservative government and a tradition of slightly less leftist ideas.

For the rest of the country, COVID has become the perfect excuse for radical left pretty boy leader Justin Trudeau to bring in the pink police state. New Brunswick has now put in laws allowing grocery stores to require proof of vaccination to enter.

No jab? No food. It also allows malls, hairdressers, and other businesses to turn away those who haven’t had the experimental vaccines.

So far, Canada’s “Conservatives” have done nothing to stand up to this gross, North-Korea style abuse of people’s basic rights.

Why is This Happening?

New Brunswick’s Minister of Health, Dorothy Shepard, says the new tougher rules are being put in place because the cold winter increases the danger of COVID spreading. One reason is more people are indoors during the freezing temperatures.

This is highly ironic, since before, we were all told for over a year to “stay inside” to stop the spread of COVID. As everyone with half a brain immediately realized at that time, staying inside in cramped conditions is obviously the worst way to stop an airborne illness which is partly prevented by getting lots of fresh air and Vitamin D.

Now, the progressives are telling people they’re more dangerous because they are spending more time indoors. It’s such a sick and bizarre game these people are playing. Now, the consequences can become deadly real, as stores begin choosing to potentially ban the unvaccinated.

The Bottom Line

Progressives are going to take the COVID panic as far as they possibly can while implementing their Great Reset. Those who still believe this is all being done for public health are conspiracy theorists.

All evidence demonstrates measures like this are not saving lives. Things like requiring the vaccine for nurses have also stripped hospitals of vital staff and are killing people.

We can no longer listen to any of their lies. It’s time to stick to the facts. Shutting down grocery stores for the unvaccinated is insane.