Canada’s Justin Trudeau Declares Martial Law

Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau declared martial law on Monday. This is not a drill, and it is unprecedented.

The last person to use Canada’s War Measures Act was Trudeau’s own father and former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, 50 years ago.

Pierre Trudeau suspended people’s rights to stop separatists who were killing and kidnapping people. Justin Trudeau is doing it because freedom truckers embarrassed him on the world stage and he wants them to stop.

Trudeau Announces Martial Law

According to his announcement on Monday, Trudeau said protesters are “endangering public safety.”

Protesters are in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, on the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit and at the border of Alberta and Montana.

The Ambassador Bridge carries around 25% of product trade between the US and Canada. It was cleared on Sunday by heavily armed Canadian authorities.

Meanwhile, the Coutts, Alberta border crossing with Montana is being blocked by various cowboys, farmers, and truckers.

Canada’s police recently said they seized weapons as part of those participating in the protest; news has emerged they actually raided various houses in the nearby community and there is speculation the weapons were planted.

The Emergencies Act, formerly called the War Measures Act, erases your rights as a citizen. You can be arrested, have your bank accounts frozen, and be interrogated by police as they desire. It is supposedly done only when no other options are left.

Trudeau previously called the truckers a “fringe minority,” but now he is suspending his nation’s laws to stop them. It sounds like a contradiction; that’s for sure!

Trudeau: “Illegal and Dangerous” Protests Must End Immediately

Channeling an unhinged third-world dictator, Trudeau said the protests must end immediately; the Emergencies Act will target and enhance abilities to stop anyone participating.

Although he claimed the Canadian military will not be used, images of heavily militarized Canadian SWAT teams arresting peaceful truckers have already shocked the world.

Truckers started this protest to demand freedom after Trudeau forced everyone to show COVID vaccine records to leave Canada, including truckers.

The Emergencies Act must be reassessed in 30 days, at which point Trudeau will decide whether to renew it. He said it would only be “temporary” and used to get rid of the “serious challenges” facing Canada.

This is from the same people who told you 15 days to flatten the curve. Anyone who believes them now is an all-out sucker.

The Bottom Line

Canada still has some patriots left. Trudeau wants to crush them. He is enraged that some truckers tried to get in the way of him and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

Now, he’s suspended their rights and vowed to destroy their lives if they keep resisting. Now is the time for Americans and all others to stand for freedom as if your future depends on it because it does.